Fargo, North Dakota - Let Them Eat Sand or Go Hungry - Nanny State

The folks in Fargo, North Dakota, who are resolutely attempting to stem the flood tides of the Red River, have been at this battle for some time now.  You have to admire them, and the coming together of diverse individuals to bag sand and then stack those sand bags around businesses and individual homes.

Some individuals, though, are unable to assist in the physical labors required in this effort, but, they are able to cook meals, and then voluntarily supply these meals to the hungry individuals manning the shovels and stacking the sand bags.

Well, as the following letter to NRO’s Jay Nordlinger shows, this is not sitting well with the health agencies in North Dakota or Minnesota.

The local radio folks did a great job hooking up hungry workers with complimentary food, until the Minnesota and North Dakota health agencies heard what was going on. They called in to the radio stations to remind listeners that the only food that could be delivered must be in its original store-bought packaging or prepared in a commercial kitchen!

Thankfully, the radio folks mentioned in the letter are telling individuals to ignore the health department (maybe civil disobedience isn’t dead), but, it still goes to show you that the State is pushing you to realize that you are helpless, unless you have their approval.

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