Diamond Hound

Geology is a fascinating field, and though an amateur myself, find rocks and their history and secrets fascinating.  Here’s a guy, Chuck Fipke, a geologist naturally, who’s a diamond hound, and a damn fine one at that, who has profited handsomely, and sounds like a man of perserverance and independence.  In other words, an individual profiting from his mind, through action.  A few words from Chuck Fipke.

“Hey,” he says, “here’s the thing. I learned that I did my best. I mean, I really tried my best. How many people can say that? I worked hard, and I mean really hard. I worked seven days a week from 8 am until 3 am. Every day. We drilled and drilled all winter when it was dark and the windchill was 80 below. Everyone thought I was crazy. But most people just never do their best, hey. And I did.”

How a Rogue Geologist Discovered a Diamond Trove in the Canadian Arctic


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