Corn Holed

What, exactly, are the benefits of ethanol?  Environmentalists, politicos, and corn growing state subsidized farmers would lead individuals to believe that ethanol production will allow the U.S. to give the Arabs and their sweet light crude the bird, and green up the environment to boot.  But, the fact is, when it comes to subsidized corn growing famers, the farmers, instead of bending individuals over the barrel, are bending them over a bushel.

For non-farmers, though, the consequences are less cheery. They get to pay for the corn twice - once through taxes to fund a 51-cent-per-gallon federal subsidy, then again at the dinner table because as more corn goes for ethanol, less is available for food and feed, boosting prices.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see my corn on the cob, even at 3 for a buck fifty, than have my pockets picked to fund a program which is mostly a feel good illusion rather than an actual solution.

Ethanol gold rush carries costs to your table

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