“Come On In, The Water’s Fine”

Excellent essay by Jim Davidson, Half Measures Are Full of Fail, linked via Bill St. Clair.

Being free is not a decision you make. It is not a sign you hold. It is not a protest you attend. It is not a comment you make on a blog. It is not a hat you wear in a courthouse, nor a licence plate some group of thugs supply you to put on your car.

Rather, it is an attitude you have, about life. It is a way of living. Being free is an aspect of every choice you take, every interaction you have with others. Being free is being governed by no one other than yourself.

And who better to govern you? You know what you are really like. You know what fibs you have told. You know what is best for you. You know which things really suit your tastes, and which are reasonable substitutes. In the market you pick the things that suit you, knowing that there are things there which suit others…

For I am sovereign. I have assumed among the powers of the Earth the equal station to which the laws of nature, and of nature’s God entitle me. You should, too.

You should too!

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