Colby Cosh Goes to the Movies

Colby has a few words on Victoria Day and Canadian weather, which seques into a review of Kill Bill I, which he saw in the French language.  An excerpt, with no spoilers.

“Granted, the movie is nihilistic and self-consciously allusive to the point of being trite. Like they all say, it’s a network of popcult references and low-nutrition narrative tricks—adding up to too much to be anything at all—pinned to a spectacle that overwhelms the eye and ear. But the sum is beautiful, on the terms of its pathological purity, like a banquet from the Satyricon. It’s so demented, frivolous, and intricate that only God or Tarantino could have made it. Or perhaps the Devil, who, like Tarantino, is reliably said to have all the best tunes.”

I enjoyed the movie, also.

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