Census 2010 - Knock, Knock, Neo

In the first movie from The Matrix trilogy, the main character, Neo, is awoken from a somnolent state by a seemingly nefarious intrustion into his computer.  Little does he realize, at that instant, that he is still thoroughly, deeply, and nefariously ensconced in a sleep so deep that upon being re-introduced into a wakeful state, reality, it almost kills him, which brings me to the subject of Census 2010.

I first posted about skipping the census as a civil disobedience idea back in April 2009, and followed up that post with many additional posts on refusing to participate in Census 2010.

Unfortunately, this peaceful means of Americans expressing their disgust, enmass, with the burgeoning size of the United States government, and the government’s intrusion into all aspects of American life, has fallen flat.  The current numbers for participation in Census 2010 show the mailed in response rate at seventy-two percent (72%), which leaves approximately forty-nine million households which will receive a knock on their GPS marked front door, starting tomorrow.

Based on an AP news story posted at MSNBC, titled Census mail results could be trouble for 5 states, here is what individuals who have not participated in the census can expect.

...But he (Robert Groves - ed.) said it remained uncertain how that will translate to “how the American public reacts when we knock on their door.”

“The census is not over,” said Groves, who noted the non-respondents were disproportionately low-income, lesser-educated or renters. “For those of you who haven’t been counted in the 2010 census, this is your moment.”...

At training sessions this week, temporary census workers were instructed on the protocols of conducting interviews, such as how to tabulate answers on race (let people self-identify if they’re multiracial, but a label of “American” isn’t a sufficient response), where to ask questions (outside, since census workers should not ask to enter a person’s home) and carrying proper identification (government badges and a “U.S. Census Bureau” bag).

Census workers also are being told to be respectful if homeowners refuse to cooperate, to keep data confidential and to alert supervisors if there are signs of danger.

“This is your moment,” as Groves states, to continue to refuse to participate in the census, if you have refused to participate to this date, as a means of peaceful, polite civil disobedience, and this refusal should be respected, per the census bureau’s instructions.

Knock, knock, Neo, reality is at your door, and will soon be at mine.  I’ll be waiting, peacefully and politely.

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  1. So how do you envision the conversation (I’m assuming you are answering the door) going to go?

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/30  at  03:22 PM
  2. Chris,

    At this point all I know is that I will greet the census taker, politely, and ask them to sit down on my front porch, maybe offer them a glass of lemonade, to talk.

    I will refuse to answer any census question, politely, and state that I am not answering as an expression of civil disobedience, and as an expression my disgust with the American political system, and the straits this system has brought America to.

    Additionally, I am going to print out Hayek’s illustrated The Road to Serfdom, having it handy on the coffee table, and personally hand it to them for future reading.

    We will see where it goes from there, and I will post on the event after it occurs.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  04/30  at  03:41 PM






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