But They’ve Been Trained to Vote

Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read

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  1. First, how is it possible to know that?
    Second, the condition of the public school system has been, well, public for 40 or more years so this shouldn’t be surprising.
    Third, I bet those non-readers can figure out how to collect sums from the gov’t.
    A person can log in to the web for free at any library and from there it is easy to find every sort of medium necessary to learn how to do almost anything. Further, it is not possible to live in urbania or suburbania now and not know how to read to some degree. The only reason for illiteracy is shear laziness.

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  2. I see two solutions to the problem.
    First, we can throw ever increasing amounts of money at the Detroit public schools until, eventually, no one in Detroit will be able to read. Or, we can say fuck it and let those who can achieve, separate themselves from those who cannot.
    I can’t accept all of the tenets Darwinism,  but there is something to be said for a natural culling of the weak and feeble. It is impossible for everyone to succeed equally. To subsidize those of lesser capability at the expense of those more able is penalizing achievement and to do so is simply prolonging the inevitable reckoning day. 
    New slogan for the NEA:
    Our kids can’t read, but they feel good about themselves.

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  3. Some smart person once said, “When gov’t subsidizes something you get more of it.” and in the instance of public education you get idiocy, the more (stolen) money that’s spent on it the more idiots it produces. And that’s what the long range intention was from the very beginning.

    Hey John, been meaning to tell you these security words down below are kinda like an I Ching or something - everytime I see one it makes me reflect on what I wrote. The below right now is: college ....don’t get me started.

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  4. Right, it is an enormous resource for those so inclined.
    In just the past week I read and downloaded video tips on hollowing wooden vessels on the lathe, and also downloaded tab and note-by-note instructional videos on how to play Classical Gas (look it up)on the guitar as well as video and text tutorials on Photoshop, Excell and some ASP programming for some stuff I’m trying to tie in to some designs Im creating in AutoCAD….and the list goes on and on.

    The public school system is geared to keep people from ever mentally becoming full fledged grown-ups and wishes them to remain silly children incapable of living without the handholding of the gov’t and this is reflected in the state of affairs at all levels throughout the country. Children fear easily and thus it is the most common tool of the gov’t to keep the children riled, terrified and bickering amongst themselves as the gov’t goes about its business of financially raping them continuously.

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