Bad Precedent

Here’s the headline blazed across the front page of the Grand Rapids Press.  What are limits to dad’s duty? Daughter’s child-support claim reaches back two decades.  The short version.  Man, now 41, rolls in hay with college sweetie in 1982.  Sweetie moves to Florida and has child, unbeknownest to man.  In 1998, roll in hay child’s guardian-grandparents, who have had custody since the love child was five years old, sue the man and a blood test confirms parentage.  The man pays child support for 3 1/2 years, when love child graduates from highschool.  Love child turns 18 and sues Dad, she doesn’t even know, for support back to the day of her birth.  Michigan courts rule for love child to the tune of approximately $100K.

I think this is a crock and a total abrogation of support laws.  This isn’t about support, it’s about greedy revenge.  Read the article and decide for yourselves.

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