Assault Weapons - Sounds and Looks Scary Deceptions

Donald Sensing has a post up, illustrated with photos, which examines the deceptions surrounding all the talk regarding banning assault weapons.  Well worth looking into so you will not be deceived by the sound of the words “assault weapons” falling out of mouths of politicians.

“Assault weapon” primer, illustrated.

UPDATE:  One more relevant point.

There is a ghastly ahistoricity in these complaints against the antiquity of the Second Amendment. What very few understand is the power-relations of the progression of arms in the past five hundred years. In 1789, the flintlock musket was the “assault weapon” of its day. It was every bit as dangerous and menacing then as the AR-15 is now. Anyone who doubts this need only reflect upon the fact that civilians took their weapons into battle against the greatest military power in the world, and prevailed.

Billy Beck

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  1. There is now so much false information out there about guns, and even more boneheads running around that don’t know what they’re talking about, that the whole subject of guns and violence is a jumble of nonsense that may never get sorted out.

    But guns aren’t the problem, or at least are the smallest part of the problem.

    Stupid people are the problem and there are a couple hundred million of them out there.

    Some are bent on shooting other people but most just have their head in their ass and run their mouths about stuff they have no business talking about due to complete ignorance of the subject.

    About 90% or higher of everything out there about guns is just hazy talking points created by the media/gov’t complex and bazillions of retards repeating them over and over like a skipping record.

    Everybody is talking but nobody is listening.

    Welcome to the 21st Century Tower of Babel.

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