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Claire Wolfe has a post up titled What’s an Outlaw to Do?, and she provides some ideas, and ideas are the coin of the realm of the free, on what to do.

Since I am otherwise occupied, currently, and unable to spend as much time reading and posting as I would prefer, I recommend you get over to Claire’s place and read that post.  And no, I haven’t been in the water casting to rising trout.  I will be tomorrow, though.

From Claire’s post.

An army of the mind. An army without hierarchy, without officers, without commands. We are an army of the intellect and the spirit that can never be targeted, bombed, or shot into submission.

We are invisible, which sometimes discourages us, but which is our secret strength.

Join the “army of the mind.”

Linked via Joel, at The Ultimate Answer to Kings (is a belly laugh).

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  1. Let it also be said that the “army of the mind” consists of knowledge and wisdom; two things that cannot be taxed, stolen, usurped or taken advantage of.
    Tangible, practical, useful knowledge, I try to add to my store daily.
    The mind is the individual’s one true property.

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