Almost the Land of the Free

Yesterday’s drive was basically non-eventual, with the exception of sudden long strings of brake lights, as motorists hurriedly pleaded guilty to speeding violations at the mere sighting of a marked police cruiser, regardless if they were driving under the speed limit, at the speed limit, or over the speed limit.

I did have polite, but sharp, words with one State of Michigan DOT employee at a rest area.  As we pulled in to the rest area to park, I noted a couple of temporary signs propped up in the window stating “Building Closed for Repairs.”  A rather inconvient notification, especially when the call of nature is pressing.  Normally, if a rest area is closed, notification of such an inconvenience to travelers is advertised prior to pulling into the rest area in order to not inconvenience travelers whose bladders may be expressing a need to be emptied.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, and highway travelers streaming into the rest area to use the facilities, like myself, in disregard of the signs posted, I entered the building, and spied a Michigan DOT employee aimlessly staring out the window.  I approached this individual and said, “Excuse me, but why isn’t there a notification out on the highway informing travelers that this rest area is closed?”

The DOT employee turned and said to me, “Because I would have had to spend an hour or two getting a sign setup, and I just didn’t have time for that.”  To which I replied, “So, because notifying travelers that this rest area is closed for repairs would have been an inconvenience to you, you haven chosen to inconvenience every traveler pulling into to this rest area during one of the busiest travel times of the year.  Your disregard for the many Thanksgiving travelers is a disgrace, sir,” and I turned and left the building.  Bah.

Arrived at our destination in Southern Ohio, to join the Lovely Melis’ family, in the late afternoon.  After many happy greetings, and a stretching of legs, the decision was made to drive to Northern Kentucky for a bite to eat at the pub at which Melis’ daughter is employed.  I was surprised and pleased that within this Kentucky pub Americans could still freely light up and smoke.  It was like I was almost in the land of the free.

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  1. Smoking in a “public” building?! The horror! How dare someone allow such an atrocity within the confines of their own private property, whether accessible by the “public” or not?!

    They passed that anti smoking abomination in this city last year. Most of the small neighborhood bars are ignoring it, much to my delight…

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  2. Looks like we traded places then, sort of; I was in the Thumb eqting too much and installing the snow thrower on my dad’s lawn tractor. It was a smooth trip, with a minimum of government interference.

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