A “Narrow, Delicate Path”

With talk of riots possibly occuring if Romney is elected, and murmurings of an American insurgency arising if Obama is elected to a second term, it was interesting to read a recent Oleg Volk post titled The mis-directed fetish of marksmanship., which I first was directed to by the blog RicketyClick.

RicketyClick has some good comments to make in regards to Oleg’s post, and in regards to talk of an American insurgency, but it is the following thoughts of Lyle, in a post at the blog The View From North Central Idaho titled American Insurgency? which, I think, encapsulates the stark truth of these matters, and echo RicketyClick’s closing thoughts.

Any widespread insurgency in America is really the kick-starter to global chaos, and for some of our enemies that is actually the plan - take advantage of a weakened and distracted America.  Collapse the system into a new system.  Twelfth Imam and all that rot.

So no.

We had best get our own houses in order, and look at our Progressive (incremental communist) neighbors as part of our country, which absolutely MUST hold together.  “Last great hope for liberty” and “with malice toward none” come to mind.  I hope you have your beliefs and your communication skills well-honed.  You’ll need both, and by the way the latter doesn’t exist without the former - you know it.

Compromise with evil will get us nowhere and open warfare amongst us will get us all destroyed.  That leaves us a very narrow, delicate path then, doesn’t it?  Our enemies know it too.  Interestingly, that applies to your personal life as well as your public life and the global situation.

Remember, the real “American revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people.”

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  1. John,

    Excellent post. I have to agree that any talk of so called armed insurrection in this country is miss-placed at this time. We are no where near such a condition, nor when compared to such hell holes as Syria, Iran, or China ( if you’re a rural peasant), is our situation so bad that there is no other recourse.
    We have a choice, this November, I urge everyone to express there preference. If Romney is elected, as I think he will be, in overwhelming numbers, I believe that we will see the beginning of the third great revolution in this country. 2010 saw the first realization of this new revolution. Many folks are becoming aware of a federal government that has become too large and too powerful and has overstepped its constitutional limits.
    If Romney & the republicans don’t fulfill, or at least honestly attempt to fulfill the promises made, I expect we will see the emergence of a major third party. Revolution is indeed in the minds of the people.

    Posted by Tim P  on  10/21  at  12:38 PM
  2. “I have to agree that any talk of so called armed insurrection in this country is miss-placed at this time. We are no where near such a condition…”

    If that condition is eventually reached - and discounting for the moment any technological escape fantasies - then should not this “royal we” majority ask themselves how many people’s lives they are prepared to ignore getting put through the legal shredder until they can be bothered to get dressed for some sort of action?

    Posted by mike  on  10/24  at  02:14 PM
  3. What do you prefer, slavery or death?
    Because that is the choice this gov’ts rules and regulations have caused almost half (47%) of the people in this country to make and they chose slavery, wouldn’t you? In slavery there is the chance you may someday be free but with death it is over for you.

    The gov’t will not change its ways, so that 47% will continue to climb, and one day you will be in that group if you are not already.

    At what point does defense morph into insurgency?

    When a gov’t ground thug forces you to kill it?

    When the gov’t requires your employer to take even more of your earnings?

    When your property tax doubles because sales taxes are dwindling and public school costs are skyrocketing?

    How about when you apply for your SSN and they tell you the rules have changed and you will only receive $50 per month instead of the $800 you were promised, and you can’t start collecting until you are 70?

    Where is your line in the sand?

    Inevitably a convergence is coming, probably sooner than later, maybe next year, maybe next month, maybe in 2 weeks.

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