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Though I have a high appreciation of technology, I did not have much appreciation for Apple iPhones, contenting myself with an older phone which I had been carrying around for four (4) years or so.  The phone did what I needed it do.  Make phone calls, send occasional text messages, and, in a pinch, connect to the internet if I wanted.

Unfortunately, that older phone of mine recently stopped functioning so I needed to replace it, so off to Sam’s Club I went, at the urging of my brother, The Wizard, who informed me that I could purchase a relatively basic phone for $18.88.

Sure enough, Sam’s had a Samsung Brightside phone for $18.88, but in wanting to keep abreast of what other phones Sam’s had available, I perused the kiosk and came upon an Apple iPhone 4, brand new and in the box, for $0.96, and I thought, why would I spend $18.88, plus tax, for that Samsung phone, when I could get the Apple iPhone 4 for $0.96, so I opted for the iPhone.

Now, this iPhone has many more features than I will probably ever utilize, and while previously I would have considered all of these features I would not use as a bug, in fact, all of these features are a boon, and deserve admiration, as an article at the Cato Institute, titled The Miracle that Is the iPhone (or How Capitalism Can Be Good for the Environment) points out.

I may not have the newest fandangled iPhone available, but that doesn’t matter to me in the least, especially when I have more than I need, technology wise, in my 96 cent iPhone 4.

Link to Cato article via Wealth is not the Problem (and wealth most definitely is not the problem).

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  1. But what does that iPhone cost you per month and how long is the contract?

    That is where the REAL costs lie.

    The 96 cent thing is simply a bait on a hook.

    After 15 years of monthly cellphone payments about a year ago I converted to a TracFone and haven’t looked back. No monthly payment, the up front cost was $14.95 and I use this phone exactly as I have every phone I have had. No monthly payment - thats what its all about.

    I don’t send or receive tiny texts and I would never consider doing the web on a 3” screen when I have a 100x bigger screen right in front of me. I don’t FB, twitter or any of that other adolescent silliness. And you’ll never see me falling into the fountain at the mall.

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  2. Don, you’re correct, of course, that the 96 cent is simply bait, the contract is the money maker.

    My contract costs remain the same as with my old phone, unless, of course, I’d start using it as a computer, which I rarely did in the past, and do not foresee doing in the future.

    I see the benefits you note in the TracFone, and could possibly do fine with such an instrument, but with the amount of time I spend away from my computer, and in places where I do not have access to one, the benefit of being able to access the net via the iPhone will from time to time come in handy.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/13  at  01:07 PM
  3. John,
    Did you get an GSM (att) or CDMA (verizon) iphone?

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  4. Chris, it’s a CDMA.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/13  at  02:45 PM
  5. John,
    If its not too late you might want to return it for an ATT GSM phone.
    It’s worth paying the contract ETF (early termination fee) with ATT to use a straight talk (http://www.straighttalk.com) SIM card.

    This is what I have done and have UNLIMITED everything for 45$ a month. There is no other company that can even come close to that.

    if nothing else check this out:

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  6. Strictly for informational purposes, my co-equal branch, aka Sweet Cheeks, has been working
    a Motorola Defy XT for a month or two, through Republic Wireless, for $19 a month.  The phone defaults to wifi, but if it can’t find it, it goes cellular.  The $19 includes everything, texting, da Internets, you name it.

    Me, I use a Nokia 6030 through T-Mobile.  Runs me less than $100 a year.

    I hate phones, but these new ones are so much more, I may have to break down somewhere.

    Posted by Mike Soja  on  11/13  at  08:24 PM
  7. Mike and Chris, thank’s for the info on those cell phone alternatives. I’d check into them for myself if it were not for the fact that we have a couple of phones tied in our package.

    I’m not a big fan of phones, either, Mike, but I’m definitely not a slave to them.  The phone is for my convenience, not the person ringing in.

    You’re right about today’s cell phones being so much more.  I laugh when I wander down my basement and come across my original cellular phone, which was larger than an old desk phone from the 1960s.

    Posted by John Venlet  on  11/14  at  08:38 AM
  8. 4 years ago a client of my son’s gave him a brand new iPhone to reverse engineer to understand how it works. He showed it to me and how he had enhanced all of its features. I can’t deny that there is a lot of punch packed into that little box. My only problem with them, other than the idiots that can’t take their eyes off of it and impede others around them, is the enormous long term costs, in relationship to the benefit I would receive. In the future that may come down but I’m not hopeful because I used to think the same thing about the TV satellite long term costs, they haven’t dropped either.

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