Friday, January 15, 2010

Charlie Toups, the Most Dangerous 63 Year Old in America, I Guess

I know a few trout bums, individuals who live to chase trout, browns, rainbows, brookies, cutts, and I envy their ability to be just that, trout bums, tied to nothing, job, permanent residence, or other individuals.  I don’t really know any ski bums, any longer, though I understand their passion, just as I thoroughly understand a trout bum’s passion.

Here’s a story, published in the Denver Post under the headline From behind bars, hard-core ski bum defies authorities, which details just how dangerous ol’ Charlie; the Charlie in the title to this post; must be.  At least according to the moronic U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmeyer.  A couple of excerpts from the Post..

Charlie Toups is Colorado’s ultimate ski bum and a relic of a fading era.

Since 1976, the 63-year-old has skied 120 days a season, shoveling snow and doing other odd jobs for a few bucks and skiing every day. What affirms his title as ski bum supreme is the fact that at night he retired to his car, parked close to the lifts.

But now Toups’ brawny 6-foot frame is wedged in a jail cell in Georgetown, imprisoned for the past 57 days on misdemeanor federal charges of camping on public land, possessing marijuana and assaulting a Forest Service officer.

He could walk free with time served if he admitted his guilt. But Toups won’t do that.

Here’s U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer’s moronic musings in regards to Charlie.

U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer is prosecuting the case against Toups. At his November detention hearing, she argued successfully that Toups be held without bail on three misdemeanor counts.

“This defendant has shown he is dangerous, that he has no place to go,” she said. “Being that he — all he wants to do is apparently ski and not work and live this alternative lifestyle, makes him a prime candidate for flight, not to mention he has exhibited himself now as a danger to this community, openly hostile to the government.”

Man, that is some dangerous individual, “openly hostile to the government,” heavens to Betsy.

It is indeed a sad day in America when an individual, living his own life, to the beat of his own drum, is considered a danger to society just because he does not seek steady employment, is not on the dole, has a bit of smoke in his pocket, and camps on public land.  Pitiful.

Hang tough, Charlie, you are the man.

Via No Third Solution via shredding gnar snowboarding blog (sic).

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