Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Body Counts - Which is More Tragic?

I was in the woods when the shooting took place at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO, so I did not learn of it until the day after.  Since the night of the shooting, it has been exceptionally difficult to shake one’s self free of the plethora of “news” items regarding this incident.  Even this morning, the story remained at the top of the page at Matt Drudge’s site, and the morning news shows also continued to exploit the story, less than cautiously crafting the shooter’s bildungsroman on scraps of hearsay, while talking heads perkily stoked Americans’ fear of guns, and with not so coy apophasis cast their eyes on that pesky 2nd amendment, while some musician waited in the wings to sing a song dedicated to the victims, which won’t hurt future album sales.

Twelve (12) individuals died in Colorado, at the hands of a evidently disturbed individual, and while this is tragic, is it any more tragic than fourteen (14) people dying in an automobile accident in Texas?

The Texas accident story barely registered in America’s consciousness.  Is this because the dead are merely, in all likelihood, illegal immigrants, or, because there is no money to be made off of dead illegal immigrants?  Whereas there is not only money to be made in association with the dead of the Aurora, CO shootings, but a gun ownership restriction agenda to be pushed, and a bit of high profile violence can’t but help push such an agenda.

Body counts.  Which is more tragic?

Posted by John Venlet on 07/25 at 12:37 PM
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