Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bespectacled Improvement

I’ve had to take up eyeglasses.  They take some getting used to.  I did not have to take them up for reading, which is the most common reason stipulated to me as to the why I’m now wearing glasses, though I have had my spectacles crafted as bi-focals, after attempting the wearing of single vision lenses, because of the way the gauges swam in my truck as I peered down at them to check my speed.

My spectacles are not an accoutrement I’m particularly fond of having to don, though I must admit the improvement they provide for my slight near-sightededness (20/30) is striking.  I’ve noted this striking improvement most notably in watching a size 16 dry fly floating downstream, in sighting a target down range, and gazing at the night sky.  Improvements most welcome.

Spectacles do take some getting used to.  I put them on, and take them off, quitely regularly.  I may have to purchase some type of lanyard to keep them close at hand, as I find that when I slip them into my shirt pocket they tend to tangle with the writing utensil I carry when I must pull the glasses out and prop them back on my nose once again.  Additionally, the glasses must be cleaned, regularly, which means I now must also carry a glass cleaning cloth around all the time, which in and of itself is not that much of an inconvenience as compared to say polishing the lenses clean of accumulations for clarity’s sake.

I’m also going to have to have made sunglasses, with my particular corrective lense prescription and polarized lenses, to better spot trout holding in the stream, which I’ll have to wait on a bit until I’ve accumulated the necessary funds for this additional expense.  They (the eyeglass folks) inform me that they should be able to utilize the existing sunglass frames I already own, which is good, because I’ve worn the same sunglasses for the past 20 years, and I’m loath to change them to something different.

Posted by John Venlet on 11/29 at 10:37 AM
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