Friday, January 18, 2013

Being Edna’s Errand Boy, Psalm 23 and Casual Witness

As I’ve mentioned, in a couple of recent posts, my Mum, Edna, underwent a partial knee replacement surgery on this just past Wednesday.  She’s doing quite well.

Being the son residing closest to her, and to the hospital in which she is ensconced, I’ve been a regular visitor to her beside.  Mum is quite something, in her current somewhat invalided state, calling on me to be her errand boy as soon as the night following her morning surgery, at 9 p.m., when my phone rang and she informed me of some sheet music she needed delivered to someone, which, was in her condo.  Though this was hardly an emergency, Mum was more concerned that this task be completed than about being layed up in a hospital bed with a bum knee.  I told her it could wait til morning.

When I arrived at the hospital Thursday morning, to be instructed in the particulars of the sheet music delivery, she had a compiled a list of additional errands, none of which revolved around her recovery.  These errands included the delivery of some hand embroidered handkerchiefs to another individual, ensuring her paper recyclables were properly deposited, and the retrieval of a slim volume of meditation on Psalm 23, written by Max Lucado, titled Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms: Hope & Encouragement from Psalm 23, and that not for herself either, she explained.

When I asked, “What for then, Mum?,” she told me that she wanted to share the book with a nurse whom, when she came into my Mum’s room and saw Mum reading her Kindle, asked, “What are you reading?,” and Mum informed her, “The Bible,” to which the nurse said “I know Psalm 23,” and then began to recite it to my Mum.  Of course my Mum joined in the recitation, as a casual witness of her faith.  Anyway, since I had to retrieve the book from my Mum’s condo so that she could share it with the nurse, I decided to read it before delivering it to my Mum, and I have to say that Lucado’s reflections on Psalm 23 do make for some inspiring and thoughtful reading, providing not only hope and encouragement, but strength to live in faith, in my opinion.

This morning while at the hospital, I had another opportunity to experience my Mum’s casual witness.  Her primary doctor came in to see her and informed Mum that he had scheduled a CAT scan of her lungs.  It seems that a routine chest x-ray taken, just prior to her surgery, revealed some small nodule on her right lung, and Mum’s Doc wants to take a more detailed look at what this may be.  As her doctor spoke with her about this, and explained that he thinks it is probably nothing to be overly concerned about, Mum looked directly at him and said, “Well, we’ll just leave that in the Lord’s hands,” refusing to become overly alarmed at what may, or may not, be nothing.

Edna is quite a woman, a tough old bird too, as she called herself this morning when I was with her, and the casual witness of her faith today made me appreciate and understand that her faith is every bit as powerful as was my father’s faith.  Rather humbling to me.

UPDATE (01.20.2013): The CAT scan of my Mum’s lungs reveals that the small nodule is just a bit of calcification, as it is being referred to, and nothing to be concerned about healthwise.  We’re thankful for that.

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