Sunday, May 13, 2012

Battling Fire and Brimstone

I think Ann Barnhardt is indeed a true patriot in the mold of the founder’s of the United States of America, willing to risk her life and liberty not only through the free expression of her thoughts, but in denying the government, through repudiation of paying taxes, support of the government, and I admire Miss Barnhardt for these attributes.  But when it comes to matters dealing with individuals’ faith, Miss Barnhardt’s fire and brimestone hurling is lacking in basis of God’s revelation as revealed through Jesus Christ Incarnate, and requires some hosing down.

Miss Barnhardt recently posted an essay, in two parts, titled He who fears God cannot be coerced by the state, which I first noted at Vanderleun’s Side-Lines, and then at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Vanderleun linked to Miss Barnhardt’s essay under the title Superfun Rockband church™, quoting this portion of Miss Barnhardt’s essay.

To call a group of people who worship themselves and their capacity for self-reverential “entertainment” “Christian is becoming increasingly difficult when the objective evidence points to these suburban blights as being neo-paganism in every regard. Where is the altar? There isn’t one. Where is there a Cross? There are no crosses. When is any reference made to Christ’s sacrifice in propitiation and perfect atonement for the sins of the world, including the sins of the latte-sipping dolts sitting in their reclining, triple-cushioned theater-style seats? Where are there any references to personal sin? Where are there any references to objective Truth? There are none – there is only “your truth and my truth”, “How I FEEEEL”, and then BRING ON THE ROCK BAND!

My friend, CA at WRSA, linked to Miss Barnhardt’s essay with these words of Miss Barnhardt.

He Who Fears God Cannot Be Coerced By The State

I will first comment on the quote at Vanderleun’s site.

Miss Barnhardt criticizes a current trend for churches to be, not churches, but rather Superfun Rockband churches™, stating they are neo-pagan.  I must admit, that even as recently as twenty (20) years ago I might have made such a statement, as indoctrinated as I had allowed myself to be to the preaching of the “Law,” rather than the revelation of God.  Is there too much of an emphasis on “feeling good,” as Miss Barnhardt suggests, quite possibly, but this feeling good meme pervades our entire society, it is the prevalent narrative in society.  Just look at the American Youth Soccer League (AYSO), whose first and foremost “philosophy” is Everyone Plays®.

As to the “neo-paganism” so roundly derided by Miss Barnhardt, and her juxtaposition in support of her stating that the Superfun Rockband church™ is neo-paganistic, with the statements “Where is the altar,” and “Where is there a cross?,” let me just state that the altar and the cross, which are images, have their basis in ancient paganism.

As to what is being preached in “Christian” churches throughout the world, which Miss Barnhardt also criticizes with the question “Where are there any references to the objective Truth?,” I state that in large part you will not find the objective truth within the hierarchial church, and for a good reason.  The objective truth of God’s revelation can only be found in a personal, individual relationship with God.  Jesus Christ did not ask individuals of faith to be like him, but rather, to follow him, not as a group, a collective, but as individuals.

In regards to the quote which headlines the post linking to Miss Barnhardt at WRSA, “He Who Fears God Cannot Be Coerced By The State,” this is absolutely correct, and when Miss Barnhardt expands on that thought with the following words, she is also correct.

The only thing that the people of the United States, from the “devout” Christian (including the vast, vast majority of priests and bishops) to the neo-pagan Superfun Rockband church™ denizen to the atheist, fear is the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security. If the state says, “pay for abortions, or else”, the people will do it,... If the state says, “Sodomy is normal and good, and you will celebrate it, or else”, the people will do it...

Miss Barnhardt is a true patriot, and Miss Barnhardt’s essay in two parts does contain other coals of truth than I’ve noted, but one must first hose down the fire and brimestone in order to handle the coals.

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