Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are You Susceptible to Being Prompted (Manipulated)?

An interesting article in the UK’s The Telegraph reports on the UK’s experimentation with what is called The Nudge Unit.

At the unit’s heart is a simple premise. Instead of using clunky legislation, or the blunderbuss of regulations, to threaten people into action, government policy can better be executed by employing small, clever prompts. Combining economics with psychology, these “nudges” not only foment a more responsible population, but also make us as individuals feel happier and more informed about the choices we make. In short: you steer people towards better decisions by presenting choices in different ways.

While I appreciate that such psychological prompting can be effective; I’ve used such methods with my kids with some success; I find it disturbing when governments employ such methods in order to control citizens.

Inside the Coalition’s controversial ‘Nudge Unit’

And, from 2011, David Cameron is nudging us in the right direction

Via Donald Sensing, via Bayou Renaissance Man.

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