Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Keep Your Stick on the Ice

No, this post is not about the Red Green Show.  It’s about the Bertuzzi incident during a recent Canucks and Avalanche hockey match hosted by the Canucks.

I, myself, am not a big hockey fan.  Basketball is the game I’ll watch and at that, I prefer highschool and college ball.  But, in the couple dozen games I’ve watched on the teevee in my life, I’ve always wondered why certain skaters want to beat the shit out of each other from time to time.

Billy Beck casts his gaze on this recent Bertuzzi viciousness and has a few words to share here, here, and here.  Billy’s posts were in response to this post from Colby Cosh.

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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Though the above phrase, common in my younger days, would be frowned on by the dogooders pushing “No Name-Calling Week,” I think the phrase should be taught to every child and uttered by the children in any instance where they perceive their peers are lying.

It might do more to prevent this.  From the linked article.

“The background search firm ADP Screening and Selection Services, in a 2003 study, found that more than 50 percent of the people on whom it conducted employment and education checks had submitted false information, compared with about 40 percent in 2002.”

Via Diana Hseih.

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Is It These White Guys Fault?

David Yeagley lances the Janet Jackson controversy repurcussions.

“Janet Jackson is not going to be prosecuted for indecent exposure before millions of children across America. She isn’t even accused—despite the fact that state laws prohibit such behavior.

Instead, the outrage was directed at the TV stations (CBS, MTV), the NFL, and the entertainment industry. Those are all created by and run by “middle aged” white men. They are targeted as the whoremongers in this case, targeted by other powerful white men. Black woman Janet is as innocent as the media can make her. It wasn’t her fault. It was their fault. It was white people’s fault.”

Yeagley’s post is titled Black Woman Up.

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Story of My Life, It Seems, Embodied in A Quote

When I look at my old report cards, which my Mum so kindly retained over the years, one particular comment appears on all of them.  Starting in the third grade.  John is a great student, blah, blah, blah, but he has a tendency to always question authority or pursue his own way.  Every report card seems to state this in one way or another.  Hmm.  Well, at least I seem to have started emulating some fairly heavyweight individuals at a young age.

“We ought never to allow ourselves to be persuaded of the truth of anything unless on the evidence of our own reason.”

Rene Descartes

Quote borrowed from Russell Whitaker at Survival Arts.

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Is That a Promise or a Threat?

When I was a rabblerousing teenager, still living at home, my Mum, at times, had a difficult time dealing with me.  Two particular incidents involving my Mum stay with me.  One, during the summer of 1975, when I was pushing the envelope of my mother’s patience, and my Dad just happened to overhear me disrepecting her.  It is one of the few times my Dad manhandled me.  It isn’t that, that stays with me.  It is these words.  My Dad said, “I don’t care how you speak to me, but you will, John, treat your Mother with respect.  If you don’t, John, you’ll be out on your ass so fast you won’t know which way to turn.”  My Dad wasn’t kidding.

The second incident’s catalyst also involved my Mum and my disrespect for her in 1978.  This time my oldest brother “corrected” my lack of respect by cold cocking me at 6:45 A.M. as I attempted to walk by him at the lumberyard where I worked.  As he had informed me he would do if I didn’t straighten up and fly right.

You see, those were promises made good by my Dad and my brother, to me, for not respecting my Mum.  They weren’t threats.

This morning I read about Karen DeCoster receiving email threats from one Jeffrey Sandor Orling Architect employee.  What a dick, threatening a woman.  I’d like to tell Orling that I would kick his ass for just such conduct, but I think Karen has the situation well in hand.  If she doesn’t, and requires additional assistance, may I be the first to state that I would willingly stand by her side.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Pretty Cool

The Ligeti Stratos.

Description:  “Single-seat light joined-wing composite aircraft.”  Made in Australia, but not any longer.

Via Brian’s Culture Blog where he posted a couple photos also under the title “The flying motorbike from Oz.”

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What’s Age Got to Do With It?

Reading a Reason article this morning, written by Charles Paul freund, I was made aware of the case of Erich Priebke, a former Nazi SS officer.  Priebke is serving a life sentence, in an Italian jail, for his hand in the murder of 335 individuals.  The 335 individuals were murdered, per Hitler’s orders, in retaliation for a partisan groups bombing of a column of German soldiers which killed 33 soldiers.  It appears that a group of Italians believe, that since Priebke is now 90 years old, he should be released because it is cruel and unusual punishment to keep such an old man in jail.  Priebke’s defense for his actions follows.

“Priebke’s defense at his trials was that he was only following orders. Indeed, an interview with Priebke was published only last week in the Italian daily Il Giornale, one that revealed the old man’s faculties as being perfectly sharp, and he still makes the same case for his innocence. According to the AP’s account, Priebke told the interviewer that, ‘‘This execution was a tragedy for us. I don’t feel the responsibility to repent for something I didn’t want to do. I was against it. I had to obey like every soldier must do.’‘

Let him die in jail.

Article link.

Via Hit & Run.

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Bringing in the Sheaves, Bringing in the Sheaves, Politicians Go Rejoicing Bringing in the Sheaves

“A proposed amendment to California’s constitution would give 16-year-olds a half-vote and 14-year-olds a quarter-vote in state elections.”

From this article via VodkaPundit.

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A Little Handbook

Frank McGahon, over at Samizdata has posted some pointers under the title “Cultural Luddism for beginners.”  The first pointer.

“I’m an economic libertarian only”

This means: “I am not really a libertarian at all, but I quite like the idea of paying little or no tax. I am intensely relaxed about the prospect of a large intrusive government so long as it is large and intrusive in the furtherance of my own personal preferences about society”. The irony is that Cultural Luddites and Leftists from moderate to extreme subscribe to the same canard: That there can be a meaningful line drawn between economic and ‘other’ activity.”

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“Schmaltzy Shamans”  and a “Psychobabble Nation”

Also from the NYT, an op-ed written by David Brooks titled “Hooked on Heaven Lite.”  A short excerpt.

“All societies construct their own images of heaven. Most imagine a wondrous city or a verdant garden where human beings come face to face with God. But the heaven that is apparently popular with readers these days is nothing more than an excellent therapy session. In Albom’s book, God, to the extent that he exists there, is sort of a genial Dr. Phil. When you go to his heaven, friends and helpers come and tell you how innately wonderful you are. They help you reach closure.”

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NYT Investigates Churchill Parrot Story

In a post here I mentioned a story published in Britain about Churchill’s parrot, which evidently swore like a sailor and hated Nazis.  Two commendable character traits for a sailor.  Well, it appears that the New York Times also caught wind of this story and has sent their crack reportor, Susan Lyall, since Jayson Blair is no longer available, to further investigate.  The story is titled “Parrot May Have Been Churchill’s, but She’s Not Saying.”  I wonder if Blair had done the story if he could’ve gotten a quote out of Charlie the parrot.

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A Nation of Builders and Realtors?  Did He Forget the Mortgage Broker/Bankers

Robert Blumen, a software consultant, posits that the coming American economic engine will,

“Eventually, most of the US labor force will be employed in one of a few types of work: real estate developer, building contractor, appraisers, real estate broker, and real estate agent. Their work will consist of the construction, financing (and re-financing), purchase, and sale of residential real estate. Day traders who now trade NASDAQ issues may be able to day trade residential real estate if sufficiently liquid markets and continuous price quotes are available.

Housing will be more than the driver of the Housing Economy: it will be the only form of economic activity.”

Maybe I should start another mortgage company.

From a piece at, penned by Blumen and titled “All Real Estate, All the Time.”

Greg, what do you think?

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Dear Jane

“What is to be done for a 35 year feminist, or any other grievant, whose greatest aspiration is to victimhood and why must I consider that to be anyone’s problem, but their own? I wonder if it ever occured to the pampered feminists that the only gender-oriented oppression they experience originates internally, and thus, is not oppression, at all. The stumbling block to their success as whole human beings is, in fact, their own baggage, which they cling to like any air-headed diva would upon being informed that her 5-piece set of matching princess luggage does not meet carry-on criteria and must be checked at the gate.”

Lynette Warren, at No Treason, on incomplete Jane Fonda.

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Just What Michigan Needs, Another Rich Guy Politician

And not just any rich guy, JonBenet Ramsey’s father.  Sheesh, why did he have to move to Michigan?

“John Ramsey, father of slain child pageant star JonBenet, is seriously considering a run for the Michigan House of Representatives.

Ramsey has established residency in Charlevoix, where he has long vacationed, and has indicated he wants to succeed term-limited state Rep. Ken Bradstreet, R-Gaylord, said Matt Resch, spokesman for House Speaker Rick Johnson.”

And I’d wager big that the reason “local Republican officials” are urging Ramsey to run is for just this reason,

“Described as a wealthy businessman…”

The article is titled “JonBenet’s father may run for Michigan legislature.”

Via Drudge.

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“Reality” is my stark preference.”

The title to this post was taken from a piece posted by Jonathon Wilde at Catallarchy.  Jonathon’s post is titled “Fool Me Two Hundred Million Times.”  Be sure to view the links Jonathon provided also.  Read it.

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