Monday, February 21, 2005

It’s By My Choice

Writing, reading, blogging…

More than one individual has said to me, over the past week, why aren’t you writing?  Is it neglect, not enough time, or am I burnt out?  Actually, it’s none of the previous.  I haven’t been posting here because I have chosen to apply all of my time to creating a successful business enterprise, and the reward I plan to obtain, via this enterprise, will only be achieved by applying my not inconsiderable talents to the project at hand.

A couple of individuals have asked if I am a workaholic.  Far from it.  I happen to excel in maximizing my leisure time, which is quite a beneficial talent when I pursue trout and hatching mayflies.  It’s just that I have a plan.

When I commenced this little endeavor, my plan was to go from $0 to six figures in twelve (12) months.  I’m three quarters of the way there.  But that’s only a small part of the plan, I’ll have to see how well my execution is in order to reach the goal I’ve set overall.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

EPM2b Gene

Dogs and seizures…

My Aussie, Iz, and her sister, Zader Mae, suffer from seizures.  A most disheartening affliction to observe.  Iz suffered from half-a-dozen of the seizures in 2004, and she started 2005 off with a bang, suffering two seizures in about 10 hours time, one at around 9 P.M. New Year’s Day, followed by a second seizure at around 3:35 A.M. on the 2nd.  Dang it!  In an unusual coincidence, Zady also suffered two seizures in about a ten hour timeframe, also on New Year’s Day and early in the A.M. on the 2nd.

Thus it was with interest I read this BBC News article titled “Epilepsy gene identified in dogs.”  Though the information presented in the article is of little value to the Iz, it’s interesting to note none-the-less.

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