Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freedom Dies With Your Neighbors’ Assistance and Whimpers

Joan of Argghh! responding to Ted Nugent’s Concord Bridge remark in a post titled Are You Waiting On the First Five People To Get Crucified?.’s the thing: Obama won’t send an army, he’ll send your neighbor, the one with the IRS job. Or you’ll try to travel and a local NHS satrap will show up to investigate you, express serious doubts about your online comments, and ask you to get in his car, quietly please, as your wife and kids look on– and your neighbors whisper, “I always thought something was strange about him.” Some municipal quisling will bring four or five officers and arrest you for making a video, or for refusing a smart-meter on your home. You will be shamed in the local paper, not the New York Times.

Death-or-glory charges are for the fresh young recruits. Cannon fodder, sadly. But their story comes long after the thousand paper-cuts of the Diktat. The apparatchiks are your neighbors. And you won’t raise a gun to the man with whom you’ve shared a meal.

If Solzhenitzyn’s “how we burned in the camps later” essay doesn’t WAKEN us to the fact that it’s not “them” but it’s folks right here, next door in our communities, then we are doomed to lose this country. You have friends with public sector jobs who can’t afford to lose them. Hell, the garbage collector doesn’t want to lose his job. He’ll report you for not recycling if it’s required of him. Nice people will unwind the strands of liberty one “concern”  at a time.

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Rule of the Elite Gun Control

Democracy, according to Merriam-Webster, is government by the people, especially the majority of the people, though the U.S. Department of State seems unware of this, as the U.S. Department of State’s definition of democracy makes no mention of government by the people, but rather suggests that “democracy,” somehow, possibly magically, with the assistance of U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, and with your bought and paid for participatory consenting vote, makes the world a beautiful place where all your needs are fulfilled and you walk the streets in safety, and only cops have guns, because a law was passed that states so and so and such and such a person cannot lawfully own a gun.  In other words, a democracy fairy tale.

Which brings us to rule of the elite gun control, versus the rule of the people.  Most individuals are aware that the highest halls of government desire to further restrict Americans’ inalienable right to bear arms, and while some few state and local governments are willing to listen to the voice of the people in regards to the right to bear arms, and make noises about defying the federal government, be aware that even the lowliest of city mayors, of the progressive bent, could care less what the rule of the people desire in regards to gun control, as Mayor George Heartwell of Grand Rapids, MI clearly illustrates.

I am not interested in finding a middle ground…  (on gun control - ed.)

I felt my position affirmed by my colleagues from every part of the country.

Heartwell feels that his position is affirmed by his “colleagues,” mayors of cities across America, rather than seeking, nay begging, the affirmation of the people.  This is the rule of the elite gun control, and it infects government from the highest form, to the lowest, in these here United States, and not simply in matters of gun control.

Heartwell quote obtained from here.

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Can You Kill American Citizens on U.S. Soil?  - I Need to Check with My Master

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, when asked by Congressman Kevin Yoder (R-KS) whether or not the “authority” for killing of American citizens overseas extends to and is allowable on United States soil, replies that he must check with the master.

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AR-15 30 Round Magazine Price Gouging - Where’s the Outrage?

Scooter Oi notes that the price of a used 30 round AR-15 magazine has reached $129.97, and asks the following.

Seriously? Do these come with solid gold followers or something? Or a 48 oz. ribeye and a bottle of Dominus?

If used 30 round AR-15 magazines were, say, a sheet of plywood, or a gallon of gas, badly needed and in short supply after a hurricane, politicians would be screaming about price gouging and instituting emergency price controls.

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