Monday, January 14, 2013

For Sale: Avant-garde Trash


Would anyone be interested in purchasing the above avant-garde photo?  I’ll accept offers as low as $10.00.  It exhibits primary colors in everyday use objects, in a household setting, mixing elements of nature both fresh and decaying, with a nod towards environmental recycling concerns as a commentary on the 21st century eating us alive, and was created by the artist in a 10 second flash of despairing inspiration after reading that one Sarah Braman was awarded $10,000.00 by Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for Braman’s alleged “demonstrated creativity and vision,” and “significant contributions to the contemporary arts landscape” as displayed here (see especially numbers 0 - 15).

Who’s putting on who?

MFA announces winner of Maud Morgan prize for women artists

Linked via Weird Universe.

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Don’t Argue With 8 Year Olds

Van Harvey has a post up at Blogodidact, titled, There are no ‘reasons’ for your Rights – stop trying to justify them!, which is also cross posted at The Bell News.

Harvey compares the Right’s typical defense of inalienable rights, or almost any other subject, when arguing with members of the Left, to arguing with an 8 year old over bedtime, and presents a solid case that when members of the Right do this, they in large part have lost the argument.  I agree.

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