Wednesday, January 02, 2013

“Tools That Control A Mind”

While many American individuals will staunchly deny it, propaganda is playing a large role in controlling their minds and actions.  Propaganda is a tool which has been very effectively employed in America, with the full complicity of the government and their main mouthpiece, the mainstream media.

Here are a couple of interesting reads on the subject of how effectively propaganda is being used in America, which is a method of control perfected by the Soviets, and a lesson learned well by American politicians aspiring to power and control.

First, via Tim in comments to a recent post, Eric S. Raymond’s Februray 2006 essay titled Gramscian damage, which ends with this way.

...I fear that if the rest of us don’t hound the po-mo Left and its useful idiots out of public life with attack and ridicule and shunning, the hard Right will sooner or later get the power to do it by means that include a lot of killing. I don’t want to live in that future, and I don’t think any of my readers do, either. If we want to save a liberal, tolerant civilization for our children, we’d better get to work.

Secondly, at American Thinker, an essay titled The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual, from which the following quote was obtained.

The Game has its logic: for socialism to work, there has to be unanimity and compliance.  Dissent leads to system malfunctions, causing hardship for all those in the care of the state.  That effectively makes the dissenter a traitor and a public enemy.  The need to suppress opposition necessitates a totalitarian form of government.  While we aren’t at that stage yet, the demonization of dissenters has already begun.

Link to American Thinker piece via Small Dead Animals.

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