Thursday, December 20, 2012

It’s Not A Gun Problem, It’s A Values Problem

Billy Beck, in a post titled “End Game.”

This is a cultural problem about the existence of values. None of this is—at this point—a dispute over which values to hold, but about the very existence of values to begin with: what they are and why they are necessary to human life.

Go read the rest.

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An Alleged Field Guide to Spotting Anarcho-Capitalists

Salon has an article up, writtten by one Leah Nelson of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which allegedly can educate individuals in How to spot an “anarcho-capitalist.”

There was no mention that God is an anarcho-capitalist, as I suggested in January 2003 in a couple of posts (scroll down a bit for both posts), though adherents to certain religious ideas of the importance of the role of God in individuals’ lives, versus the state’s importance, are mentioned, along with individuals with voluntaryist or individual sovereignty leanings, and certain other specific individuals such as Carl Watner, whose website is the

Salon’s piece is, in the main, a hit piece, critical of individuals displaying voluntaryist or individual sovereignty leanings, who express dismay at the government’s trampling of the Constitution, or who consider the Constitution as a coup, or counter-revolutionary act.

Link to Salon hit piece via Wendy McElroy.

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Assault Weapons - Sounds and Looks Scary Deceptions

Donald Sensing has a post up, illustrated with photos, which examines the deceptions surrounding all the talk regarding banning assault weapons.  Well worth looking into so you will not be deceived by the sound of the words “assault weapons” falling out of mouths of politicians.

“Assault weapon” primer, illustrated.

UPDATE:  One more relevant point.

There is a ghastly ahistoricity in these complaints against the antiquity of the Second Amendment. What very few understand is the power-relations of the progression of arms in the past five hundred years. In 1789, the flintlock musket was the “assault weapon” of its day. It was every bit as dangerous and menacing then as the AR-15 is now. Anyone who doubts this need only reflect upon the fact that civilians took their weapons into battle against the greatest military power in the world, and prevailed.

Billy Beck

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