Monday, August 13, 2012

The Power of No Makes You Invincible

Claire Wolfe reminds her readers that today is John Galt Day, but more importantly, in a post Claire titled Mythperceptions and a vision of freedom, Claire points out the fallacy of the state’s alleged grip on power with these words.

Government is so powerful it’ll stop us. (It’ll disarm us, cut off our ‘Net access, round us all up and put us in camps, etc.)...

...we’ll see how “powerful” government is.

All you have to do is look at the drug war, a battle the fedgov’s been waging since 1937, and that’s been all-out for decades. Yeah, it’s damaged millions of lives. Yeah, it’s killed people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, to all the bad things.

And you can still get damn near any drug you want in any place you go looking for it. More potent and cheaper than ever.

Some “power.” That’s the all-mighty force you’re so afraid of?

Claire ends that post with these words.

Quit making excuses. Get out and do some freedom.

The simplest way to get out and do some freedom as an individual, per Claire’s suggestion, is to just say no to the state, though this is not without risk in today’s world of wrong address no knock raids, dead dogs, and U.S. military planning for deployment on American soil against Americans.  Just say no, as suggested by a letter writer to John C. Wright, which he posted under the heading Resisting the Big Brother.

Look, folks, it’s really quite simple. Just say “no”. Whenever they tell you to do something you cannot do just look them in the eye and say “no”...

...The power of No makes you invincible.

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Antonin Kalina and Kinderblock 66

As the memory of World War II fades into history, and the numbers of World War II veterans continue to decline, the evils perpetrated during that war also become more obscure, so I find it heartening when a story comes to us from this time which reminds us that there were and are good men willing to battle evil, then, and also now, because we need reminding.

Antonin Kalina is just such a good man, The man who saved 900 Jewish boys INSIDE a death camp.  Antonin’s story is related to us through the reminisces of several of the boys Antonin saved, and is now preserved for us in a recently released film Kinderblock 66.

God bless him.

Via Fred Lapides.

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Will It Go Round In Circles?

Cruising around the internet this morning, I came upon a small bit of the UK Independence Party‘s creed at Theo Spark’s place, which reads as follows.

We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in real need, takes as little of our money as possible and doesn’t interfere in our lives.

Rico, whom Theo obtained the creed from, asks the following question and comments on that little portion of UK Independence Party creed as follows.

WHY is the UKIP creed NOT everyone’s?
- The Tea Party is very close to this, and the Republicrats had better wake up and smell the coffee!

Rico’s observation regarding the Republicrats, and their inability to smell the coffee burning, reminds me of the phrase Republicans, They Thirst for Death., which I first ran across in 2008, and this brings us full circle to the news of Paul Ryan being selected as Mitt Romney‘s VP pick.

Of all the punditry I’ve read regarding Ryan being Romney’s VP pick, Tam, at View From The Porch, summed up the ramifications of Romney’s VP pick most succinctly in a post tilted The problem in a nutshell…

While the press paints him as some maverick Ebenezer Scrooge for the budgetary Band-Aid he proposed slapping on our sucking fiscal chest wound, in reality, Ryan’s toes are firmly on the party line: he voted for Medicare Part D, TARP, auto industry bailouts, and the rest of the whole free-spending financial firehose that’s tried to float the ship of state on a fresh tide of fiat currency.

Or, in other words, Romney’s selection of Ryan as his VP pick is simply a continuation of going around in circles, unless the Republicans, and those who pull the levers which elevate them into office, actually take a principled stand against overreaching government power and strip down The Leviathan and return it to its proper place as a servant, rather than a master.

If Leviathan is not returned to its proper place, if the individuals who make up the United States of America do not accept individual responsibility for their lives, the election of Romney and Ryan will make no difference in the current state of American affairs.  It will be a song with no melody, a story with no moral, a dance with no steps.

Will it go round in circles?

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