Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mom, Johnny Said Vagina (Warning: Crudity of Language (mine))

Michigan’s House of Representatives was recently debating a bill which would further restrict abortions, which is akin, in effectiveness, to legislating access to guns; i.e. does restricting access to guns actually prevent a determined individual from procuring a gun?

Anyway, two members of the house, Barb Byrum (D), and Lisa Brown (D), were banned from speaking on the floor of the house during the bill’s continued debate; Byrum for yelling out “vasectomy,” and storming out of the house, and Brown for saying ““I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina.”

Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger (R), majority leader, offered this statement in justification for banning Byrum and Brown from speaking.

It is the responsibility of the Majority Floor Leader, the presiding officer and every Representative to maintain the decorum of the House. Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas has informed Minority Floor Leader Segal that Reps. Brown and Byrum will not be recognized to speak on the House floor today after being gaveled down for their comments and actions yesterday that failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives. Under Rep. Stamas’ floor leadership, the House Republicans have allowed more debate on the House floor than ever seen in the past few sessions when House Democrats were in charge. House Republicans often go beyond simply allowing debate by welcoming open and passionate discussion of the issues before this chamber. The only way we can continue doing so, however, is to ensure that the proper level of maturity and civility are maintained on the House floor. (bold by ed.)

Abortion is not a debate about vaginas and vasectomies, and though Jase Bolger states that the banning of Byrum and Brown is for maturity and civility purposes, all parties involved are discussing this contentious issue like kids standing around telling risque jokes on the playground, or parents foolishly not speaking forthrightly to their children about sex, as the following crude joke illustrates.

A little boy walks in on his mom stepping out of the shower and sees her vagina for the first time and says to his mom, “Mom, what’s that between your legs?,” and his mom says, “That’s where God hit me with a tomahawk.,” and the little boy says, “Ow, right in the cunt.”

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