Monday, June 11, 2012

An Anarchist Speaks Unmasked

Eeek, an Anarchist! (9:36)

Via Bill St. Clair.

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Jose Guerena - Just Being Interesting Can Be Enough to Get You Killed

Remember Jose Guerena?  I do.

Well, the Pima County Sheriff Department, a year after killing Jose Guerena, formally notifies us, in papers filed with the Pima Country Superior Court, that Jose Guerena was killed because, well, because he was interesting.

ICE agents listed Jose Guerena as a “person of interest” in their investigation.

Reading through the Arizona Daily Star article which reports this news; Family’s ties to alleged pot ring detailed; truly about the only conclusion one can arrive at is that Jose Guerena was killed because he was interesting, oh, and he owned six cars worth a whopping $100K, and had a good supply of Saran wrap; Full Disclosure - I own three vehicles with an approximate combined value of $70K, and have a good supply of Saran wrap I purchased at Sam’s Club, does this make me interesting enough to be killed?; and sometimes he visited his brothers, of all people, whom evidence seems to indicate were more than just interesting individuals.

The death of Jose Guerena was a travesty, and is indicative of deep seated problems within many police departments which are arming themselves to the teeth in the name of a needless, and futile, so called “war on drugs.”

Link to story via Radley Balko.

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Shoving Personal Data Down the Fed’s Throat til They Choke

This is interesting.

When the Feds come after you, you have several options: panic, resist or, if you’re interdisciplinary American artist Hasan Elahi, flood them with information. It all started in 2002, when Elahi was detained in Detroit after a flight from the Netherlands, suspected of hoarding explosives in a Florida locker. Though lie detector tests subsequently cleared him, Elahi – who is an associate professor at the University of Maryland and has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Centre Pompidou, and the Hermitage – was subjected to six months of questioning about his extensive international travels. Figuring once in the system, never out, he decided to turn the tables and cooperate – with a vengeance.

Starting with constant phone calls and emails to the FBI to notify them of his whereabouts, what started as a practicality grew into an open-ended art project. He began posting photos of his minute-by-minute life, up to around a hundred a day, on – hotel rooms, train stations, airports, meals, beds, receipts, even toilets – generating tens of thousands of images in the last several years. Just for good measure, he also wears a GPS device that tracks his movements on his site’s live Google map. And as if to prove his point that “the best way to protect privacy is to give it away,” Elahi – while still being watched by the authorities, according to server records – hasn’t been bothered since.

Hasan Elahi: Privacy artist

Via Claire Wolfe’s Monday miscellany

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Maybe It’s Some Kind of Bizarre Green Jobs Plan

Drudge links to this story with this headline.

US Commerce Secretary in series of bizarre car crashes; cited for felony hit and run…

Maybe it’s some kind of bizarre green jobs plan.

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Who’s Out There?


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