Saturday, June 09, 2012

Napoleon Rises

Wednesday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. in a packed Bi-Lo parking lot on Highway 58, (Napoleon - ed.) Rutledge was walking back to his car with $600 in money orders.

“This guy came up behind me and said, ‘Hey sir I want your money!’ I turned around and looked, and he cocked his 9mm.”

The gunman didn’t realize he was looking for a freebie from a man not willing to back down.

When the gunman held the gun up Rutledge said, “Why you wanna rob me? Why don’t you get a job? What I got, what I get, what I spend in this store, I earned it! I said if you gonna shoot me then shoot me. I got a wife and three kids that you’ll have to take care of.”

Rutledge said he then saw the fear in the gunman’s eyes. The bad guy put down the gun and then made an even stranger request.

“He said well can you give me a ride across the street from Bi-Lo,” said Rutledge. “I said No, you better get away from me!”

All hail Napoleon.

Vietnam Vet doesn’t back down from gunman

Via Sondrakistan.

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GOD save the Rights of Man!
Give us a heart to scan
Blessings so dear:
Let them be spread around
Wherever man is found,
And with the welcome sound
Ravish his ear.

Let us with France agree,
And bid the world be free,
While tyrants fall!
Let the rude savage host
Of their vast numbers boast—
Freedom’s almight trust
Laughs at them all!

Though hosts of slaves conspire
To quench fair Gallia’s fire,
Still shall they fail:
Though traitors round her rise,
Leagu’d with her enemies,
To war each patriot flies,
And will prevail.

No more is valor’s flame
Devoted to a name,
Taught to adore—
Soldiers of Liberty
Disdain to bow the knee,
But ateach Equality
To every shore.

The world at last will join
To aid thy grand design,
Dear Liberty!
To Russia’s frozen lands
The generous flame expands:
On Afric’s burning sands
Shall man be free!

In this our western world
Be Freedom’s flag unfurl’d
Through all its shores!
May no destructive blast
Our heaven of joy o’ercast,
May Freedom’s fabric last
While time endures.

If e’er her cause require!—
Should tyrants e’er aspire
To aim their stroke,
May no proud despot daunt—
Should he his standard plant,
Freedom will never want
Her hearts of oak!

Philip Freneau - Ode

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