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Suicide Isn’t Painless and It Is Selfish

Contrary to the theme song of the oh so progressive show M*A*S*H, and Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman, who collaborated on the song Suicide Is Painless, suicide is not painless, and it is indeed selfish, in fact I can think of no more selfish act, regardless of pronouncements of various mental health providers.

I mention this after reading that the commanding general of Fort Bliss (Texas), Major General Dana Pittard, wrote a blog post, on his personal blog, denouncing soldiers who commit suicide, and is taking some heat for doing so.

I have now come to the conclusion that suicide is an absolutely selfish act. I am personally fed up with soldiers who are choosing to take their own lives so that others can clean up their mess. Be an adult, act like an adult and deal with your real-life problems like the rest of us.”

That, my friends, is what is known as a tough love statement, and I do not think that the ending of Pittard’s post is meant to be taken as toughing it out on your own if one is considering suicide.

Can a General Call Suicide ‘Selfish’?

Via Kate, at small dead animals.

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The Constitution - It’s Counter-Revolutionary, and Possibly A Touch Imbecilic

Sanford V. Levinson recently had a new book come out titled Our Undemocratic Constitution: Where the Constitution Goes Wrong (And How We the People Can Correct It), which I have not read, but I did read Levinson’s recent New York Times op-ed which is titled Our Imbecilic Constitution.

Levinson’s description of the constitution as imbecilic did not sit well with Richard A. Epstein, and in rebuttal to Levinson Epstein penned a piece titled Our “Imbecilic” Constitution?

Both Levinson and Epstein are defenders of the Constitution, Levinson simply desires that the Constitution of the United States was more easily amended, such as most state constitutions are, and thus they are in large part in agreement in regards to constitutions in the main, as long as it is not referred to as imbecilic, I guess.

While the Constitution of the United States may only possibly be imbecilic, I do think the Constitution is counter-revolutionary to individual liberty, and there is some support to this hypothesis.

Link to Epstein piece via InstaPundit.

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God Is Dead, Long Live God

Via Leonard at Unruled, I was pointed to a post by Jim at Jim’s Blog titled God Is Dead, the impetus for which was a post at Jonathan Frost’s blog titled God Is Dead.

Jim’s post builds on Jonathan’s post by delving into monarchy and theocracy, and both are quite interesting reading.  Additionally, the comment threads associated with both posts themselves contain thinking rebuttals to, and notes of support on, the main theme that God is dead.

Though many of Frost’s charges against Christianity in general have validity, they do not stick, nor are they life threatening, the main reason being, as Frost readily acknowledges in the comment threads, his lack of indepth knowledge of Christianity and the theologies which have grown from it.

One of the comments I found most entertaining, was penned by commenter Samson J.

Regarding God being “dead” in general: the fact that we’re talking about this shows he’s not.

Both Jim’s Blog and Jonathan Frost are going in my bookmarks.

God is Dead, Long Live God.

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Obituary of an Almost Unknown Man

In a post titled An Amazing Man, But Did Anyone Know?, Karen De Coster writes of her mother’s interaction with one David Eimon Moe, in a nursing home in Northfield, MN, who passed away April 6, 2012.

David Eimon Moe’s obituary is inspiring reading, and so is Karen’s story of her mother’s interaction with him.

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Carry, Awareness and Confrontation Lesson

Mr. B, who runs the blog In the Middle of the Right, had an interesting experience with the police while entering a restaurant in Indiana.

So I get out of the truck, tuck my shirt (which had ridden up) over the Para, and walk across the parking lot to go into the restaurant.

It is 5:10 pm. There is another guy in the parking lot heading into the restaurant. He’s behind me.

Dude is really crowding me, way into my personal space as we approach the door.

As I reach for the door, he puts his hand on my firearm through the shirt! Seriously.

Read the entire post, which is titled Bad Manners, and his Update.

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