Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sacralization of the State via The Constitution

There was a time, when the state was not a sacred entity.  In fact, individuals knew that the state was not their friend, but in fact their enemy, and far from sacred.

This time has passed, and the state is now a sacred entity, rather than the individual, or in the collective, humanity, being sacred.

In these United States of America, the new god is the state, and the state’s sacralizing document is The Constitution of the United States.

Bill Buppert has addressed this subject, and make no mistake it is a contentious subject, in a straightforward and clear manner, and in far more indepth manner than I have in the past myself.

Bill’s thoughts on the Constitution are titled The Constitution: The God That Failed (To Liberate Us From Big Government) and bear your consideration.  At a minimum, take a look at Buppert’s chart comparing the Constitution versus the Articles of Confederation, which were the original organizing concept for liberty in America.

Linked via Western Rifle Shooters Association.

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Nestle Eskimo Pie Fail

I don’t go in for DoveBars, frozen Snickers, Magnum Double Caramel bars, or any other various ice cream treats, but I do like an Eskimo Pie.

As a kid, we called them paddle pops not ice cream bars, and though they were an infrequent treat in my parent’s house, they were a treat.

You can still purchase Eskimo Pies, the brand is owned by Nestle, but I just found out, after inquiring about them at my local grocer’s, that you cannot buy the original Eskimo Pie, only faux, no sugar added, Eskimo Pies.

As far as I am concerned, I won’t be enjoying an Eskimo Pie again, and that is a Nestle Eskimo Pie fail.

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Active Duty versus Passive Freeloading

American Mercenary has posted a quite introspective essay casting his eye on his active duty service in the military, versus passive freeloading off of the government, which is well worth your time to read.  The piece is titled Barbarians.  The essay opens this way.

Rome was in decline for a long time before the Barbarians were able to sack that once great Empire.  I consider myself the first wave of the Barbarian horde sacking and looting the Republic.

What is the difference between an Active Duty Soldier who gets a paycheck to risk his life and a someone freeloading off the fedgov by “making art” or reciting “Cowboy Poetry” I ask in all seriousness.  The military produces nothing, the very best that you can get out of military spending is an educated worker who may actually end up putting back into the system more than it took to educate him.

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Rocks, Peonies and Rosemary


Each rock, in this photo, was hand picked, over the years, for one peculiar reason, or another more aesthetic reason, and carried home, some traveling further than others to reach this destination.  A few required some effort; including a ride in a kayak, another a rather lengthy hike through the woods, one a strapping to my truck’s bumper, and others rather more mundane modes of transport.

The peony, in this photo, came from ol’ Dave’s house, a WWII Navy man, who served on a submarine tender, and with whom I had many a conversation, and not a few drinks over the years.  He passed away last year after battling cancer, and he wanted his peonies to have a good home.

The rosemary, in this photo, was raised by the Lovely Melis from a single shoot.  It has participated in many a good meal, shared its scent with abandon, and should continue to do so for many a year to come.

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