Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Snitch in Time

Claire Wolfe has an interesting post up titled Recognizing the snitch in your midst, which was written as a follow-up to post to Dealing with snitches, informers, informants, narcs, finks, rats and similar menaces (Maybe it’s a book?), which was written as a result of an alleged libertarian-anarchist, Stacey Litz, ratting her friends out (drug “war” related).

The comment threads are also very interesting reading.  Unfortunately, the subject of snitching and snitches may become more important to those individuals, such as myself, who refuse to show the alleged proper obeisance to the state.

Posted by John Venlet on 05/15 at 04:58 PM
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Don Ritchie - Loss of a Compassionate Soul

Do you know the story of Aussie Don Ritchie?  Just this headline, noting his passing, will tell you alot.

Don Ritchie, Angel of The Gap - who helped save 500 people from suicide - dies at 85

Rest in peace, Don Ritchie.

Via JB.

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Nuancing Fort Lee New Jersey’s Texting While Walking Ordinance

In a post titled WHERE U AT? NJ? GET OUT!, Tam offers a couple of nuanced defenses for individuals who may be ticketed for texting while walking in the borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

How is “walking” defined? Two consecutive steps? More than two? “X or more steps in X amount of time”? Does it have to be in a forward direction, or is this like ‘traveling’ in the NBA? Can you sidestep and text at the same time?

“Not guilty, your honor. My client was texting while Riverdancing, which is clearly not prohibited by the ordinance.”

Posted by John Venlet on 05/15 at 09:33 AM
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