Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Stoic Looking West


Posted by John Venlet on 05/08 at 07:22 PM
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New Communism is Just Like the Old Communism

Martin McPhillips, in a post titled The Soviet ghost speaks, points to an article in the World Affairs Journal titled The New Communism: Resurrecting the Utopian Delusion, and comments as follows.

The new vanguardists of Communism are the Communist intellectuals who actually admit to being Communists. After decades of making up all sorts of new names (and retrieving old names) for themselves, they’ve finally come full circle and returned to the gold standard.

Martin is absolutely correct in that statement, and I’ll just add that there are many intellectuals, currently in elected positions of power throughout the world, who though they do not freely admit they are Communists, are, indeed, Communists dressed in both republican (conservative) and democratic (progressive) facades.

“May I Kill It” Now?  “May I Kill It” Now?

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“Got A Warrant?”

Claire Wolfe posts an instructional video, produced by Flex Your Rights, titled What happens after you refuse a police search (7:11) which is worth watching.

A very important statement.

I do not consent to any searches.

A very important question.

Am I under arrest or am I free to go?

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