Sunday, April 22, 2012

Irregular Flow of Conversation

“Putting in a new lawn, Luke?”  - “Nope, a garden.  If I have to maintain it, it may as well be something I can eat.”


“Hand me that teguila, will ya?” - “Ya mean juice?”  -  “Yes, I think I do.”


“Euchre!  That was fun.”  - “Yeah, for you.”


“The recipe called for nuts on top, but I didn’t put any on because I know you don’t like that, John.”  -  ‘You’re a good friend, Pfeif.  Can I have another brownie?”


“I think the critter would eat that paper towel.” - sound of hysterical laughter - “I think I’ve gotten bacon stuck in my nose.”  “Dang, I did have bacon in my nose!”

Posted by John Venlet on 04/22 at 10:50 AM
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