Monday, April 16, 2012

“Man Alive!” - “Say WHAT?!”

I received an email, a week or so ago, from Greg Swann.  Greg was one of the first individuals I had some back and forth discussion with when I initially ventured into blogging cyberspace courtesy of Blogger.  Greg’s email read as follows.

Libertarianism is the politics of egoism. Rand sells. Hayek doesn’t. The path back to individual freedom requires a better defense of the self. This free book does that job. I’m hoping you can help it find its readers.

The title of Greg’s book is Man Alive! A survival manual for the human mind., and I finished reading through it yesterday afternoon.

The gist of this little online volume, I think, can be condensed down into these points.  All individuals are philosophers, whether they know it or not.  Individuals’ understanding of philosophy have been muddled, or led astray over the years, by errant teachers, “thought-leaders,” of various stripes and robes.  The most important question in philosophy is “What should I do?”  You are all alone, but you do have recourse to the knowledge accumulated over the years by our human ancestors due to language, or what Greg refers to as “Fathertongue.”  The idea of selflessness has risen to evil prominence in society.  You should love yourself.

While Man Alive! presents the ideas and arguments in support of the gist of the book, mentioned above, in a straightforward manner, in referring to this work as “a survival manual for the human mind” I must respond with “Say WHAT?!”

Posted by John Venlet on 04/16 at 01:53 PM
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