Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Third Definition Patriot”

What is a patriot, or, more definitively, what is an American patriot?  Depending on who you ask, you will receive various answers.  Here’s a suggested answer to the question that I think is quite correct.

So, how about we create a third definition? To wit: a defender of personal liberty and property rights who recognizes that America cannot be saved from destruction, and looks to secession and the establishment of a new nation as the only solution.

I am a “third-definition” Patriot who regards himself as a defender of individual rights and a man against presumed interference by the federal government…

Russell D. Longcore in a post titled I Am Not A Patriot, But I Am A Patriot.

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Technically Beating Public Enemy Number One

The government is quite adept at selecting, in order to further consolidate their power, a public enemy number one, even though the enemy may vary, sort of like the catch or soup of the day.  In actuality, government is public enemy number one, though this fact is disguised by bread and circuses presented for the public’s consumption and they are consumed with alacrity.

John Harris, of The Center for Literate Values, has penned an interesting essay which contains various ideas on how to break free of the state which is well worth your time.  The essay is titled Technically Assisted Self-Sufficiency: The Answer to Almost Everything Avoided by Almost Every Politician

A short excerpt from Harris’ essay.

...If there is any true progress in store for the Average Joe, it must move in the reverse direction. We must guarantee private property, not confiscate it. We must revive the self-sufficiency of producing food with one’s own hands, not conspire with automation to stamp it out completely. We must use technology not to centralize authority more and ever more until human societies replicate termite mounds, but to decentralize it until, at last, every individual household produces a significant amount of its own food and energy and can furnish the minimum of force needed to protect its boundaries. Every man his own grocer, his own power plant, and his own cop: would the typical human being prefer that vision, or one of himself queued up—wearing # 5933028/4 on his back—in a gray jump-suit with wrench in hand

Though Harris’ ideas are vaguely utopian, I think he is on the right track.

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Let Them Eat Garbage Spreads

In 2006, Fairfax, Virginia outlawed feeding of the homeless by private individuals because the powers that be deemed that private individuals’ kitchens were not clean.  Then, in 2011, Houston, Texas outlawed feeding of the homeless by private individuals, well at least without a permit.

Today, I see that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is outlawing the feeding of the homeless by private individuals and charities, and what I consider the most egregious news emanating from this story is that Sister Mary Scullion, of Project Home in Philly is onboard with the ban.

The city’s leading homeless advocate, Project Home’s Sister Mary Scullion, voiced tentative support for the mayor’s announcement. She said the mayor is “between a rock and a hard place” on the issue of outdoor feedings.

“I really want to thank the mayor for this courageous … this is not an easy position. But I do think it’s a great opportunity,” Scullion said.

Yeah, what a “great opportunity” for further state control of individuals’ lives, and for the homeless to explore garbage cans.  Why is it that the church generates unending waves of socialists?

Link to Philly story via Drudge.

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