Monday, March 12, 2012

Embrace American Extremist Styling

Are you possibly a member of the Domestic Terrorist Violent Extremist Club of America without even being aware of it, and thus are lacking the appropriate styling?

While clicking the above link will take you to the necessary portals to determine if the DHS considers you an American extremist, though one lacking style, Brandon Smith, in a post at titled How To Become An American Extremist In Style!, can assist you in determining and embracing your own personal American extremist styling.

So instead, why not embrace the label that the establishment is so keen to pigeonhole us with, and make it our own?  I have found that the less I care about the critical eye of others, the more free I am to change things for the better.  Certainly, by any standard of our current national leadership and by the throngs that support it, I am an extremist.  Luckily, this does not concern me.  It is not important to be accepted by the mainstream, it is only important to remain objectively correct in one’s position.  In the grand scheme of the world, to be a thorn in the side of so-called “proper society” is a sure fire path to a life without regret.  America was founded by undesirables, and built by non-conformists.  We are a nation whose blood is thick with defiance and outright knock-out revolutionary badass anti-authoritarian hostility.  We cut kings down to size.

At least, we used to…

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Politically Incorrect Indian Indian #9

A good friend dropped the below pictured sculpture on me over the weekend.  It’s a Universal Statuary Corporation piece, made in 1973 (#257), and is labeled as Indian Indian #9.  I’ve renamed him Politcally Incorrect Indian Indian #9 because of the following sayings which are patchworked over his robe.  I kinda like it.

Better Red Than Dead
Send Pale Face To Florida
Fire Water It’s The Real Thing
Let George (Custer) Do It
Red Power
Do You Know What Kemo Sabe Means?
Remember Little Big Horn


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“Can we crash the system just by exercising our rights?”

I was somewhat surprised to read, in the New York Times opinion pages of all places, an opinion piece titled Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System which contains the following question in the first paragraph.

“What would happen if we organized thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people charged with crimes to refuse to play the game, to refuse to plea out? What if they all insisted on their Sixth Amendment right to trial? Couldn’t we bring the whole system to a halt just like that?”

The answer to the posed question is supplied in the fourteeth paragraph.

The answer is yes. The system of mass incarceration depends almost entirely on the cooperation of those it seeks to control. If everyone charged with crimes suddenly exercised his constitutional rights, there would not be enough judges, lawyers or prison cells to deal with the ensuing tsunami of litigation. Not everyone would have to join for the revolt to have an impact; as the legal scholar Angela J. Davis noted, “if the number of people exercising their trial rights suddenly doubled or tripled in some jurisdictions, it would create chaos.”

Now, even though the opinion is contained in the pages of the New York Times, and is written with an eye slanted towards the allegedly disadvantaged, in the current times when America is daily enduring
increasing government control of all aspects of individuals’ lives; i.e. the chances of you doing something “illegal” in the eyes of the law daily increase; the question is not as theoretical as it would appear.

Though such an action is not quite straight forward massive, passive civil disobedience, it is not armed civil war.

Link to NYT opinion piece via InstaPundit.

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