Tuesday, February 14, 2012

America Needs More Consistently Principled Individuals

At the blog The New Clarion, MikeN skillfully deconstructs a recent Leonard Pitts Jr oped wherein Pitts attempts to chastise Ron Paul’s “foolishly consistent…extremism.”  MikeN’s takedown of Pitts, titled Why we seldom get principled leaders, ends this way.

...My hope is that there are principled leaders out there taking notes on the election campaigns and deciding whether the public is ready for principled leadership. I think a growing number are. I just don’t know how big that number needs to be to turn this country around. Perhaps 2012 will give us a clearer picture.

While I appreciate that there is a need for principled leaders in this world, I think there is a far greater need for consistently principled individuals, because if there were a far greater number of consistently principled individuals, the need for leaders decreases exponentially.

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For the 0.0019 Percent

Glenn Reynolds is concerned about the fact the untreatable gonorrhea is on the way.  I say that unless Glenn is running around on his wife, or vice versa, or, as individual you’re running around with an any port in a storm attitude dipping your wicky into every honeypot that can breathe, this is nothing to be concerned about.  To wit.

The disease has been estimated to affect 600,000 Americans annually,...

Current United States population.  313,018,143

600,000 divided by 313,018,143 equals 0.0019.  So, unless you are one of the 0.0019 percent lacking any sense of responsibility or fidelity, what are you concerned about?

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Greece is Burning - What It Means

Joe Huffman explains to Manolis Glezos what the current burning of Greece means.

I know what it means. It means:

•If leftists can’t loot via political means they will loot via direct violence.
•Leftists do not understand economic reality.
•We can expect to see the violence spread across Europe and to America as economic reality runs its course.

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Grampa’s Little Valentine


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