Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Vote Shilly-shallying

For all the reasons which can be enumerated to withhold a vote for one particular political candidate or another, this one has to rank right up there with the most feeble.

Regarding Romney’s loss, one thing I have not seen mentioned is the robo calls.  All this week, the Romney campaign flooded republicans with robo calls.  From Monday through Friday we would get literally four to five calls a night.  They would come sometimes ten minutes apart.  If you did not answer them, they left long messages on your answering machine.  I turned off our phone on Weds, but when I turned it back on, on Friday, they were still calling so I turned it off again.  This REALLY pissed off a lot of people I talked to, me included–our son works at night a lot and we try to keep in touch via that line so I was especially unhappy.

Via a Jonah Goldberg Corner post titled Robooverkill?.

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Questioning the Hobgoblin Conjurers

Joel, at The Ultimate Answer to Kings…Is Not a Bullet But a Belly Laugh, points readers to an AP article posted by The Alaska Journal under the headline Police chiefs meet at WH on homegrown terror fight wherein the following is stated.

It’s a delicate balance, as the violent extremism that has erupted across the U.S. in the past few years has been motivated by an ideology, whether a violent interpretation of Islam or white supremacist beliefs.

Joel responds as follows.

And I got to wondering - where’s all this violent extremism going on? Are you people sneaking out and committing acts of violent extremism after I’ve gone to bed, or what? Because, seriously, I’m trying to think of stories I’ve read lately, y’know, of mayhem and bloodshed spread by Muslims and “white supremacists”, and while I can think of a few it’s not exactly what I’d call an “eruption.” Or even much of a trickle. So wherefore all the official panic?

Good question(s).  My neck of the woods seems to be quite lacking in violent extremism too.  How about yours?

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Wood Stove

Via Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, a link to the Finnish Fire Stove.  Make one yourself in 12 easy to follow photos.

I’m gonna try this myself out in the woods.

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It’s Not Really A Secret

Via Claire Wolfe’s Some happy news for a change, a link to a Forbe’s op-ed penned by Jim Powell titled The Most Important Secret Of A Prosperous Economy.

Economies prosper when multitudes of ordinary people are motivated to make improvements. This is because information and insights needed to make an economy prosper are widely dispersed. There’s far more than could ever be centralized, validated and updated in a place like the federal government. The most reliable way to motivate people? Harness their self-interest: let them try making a profit by starting a business based on their information and insights.

This isn’t really a secret.  Powell provides some interesting examples of innovation and improvements which resulted in huge successes.

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