Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unprincipled SOPA Opposition

Glenn Reynolds states that InstaPundit will not be going dark today as part of the SOPA protest.  Fine, neither am I.

But check out this anonymous email Reynolds received from Congressman Tim Johnson’s office.

“Glenn, no name please. I work for Congressman Tim Johnson. Just to let you know, we’re getting about a hundred emails an hour opposing SOPA. We were already opposed, but this certainly makes us feel that much better about our opposition.

“Feel better” about being opposed?  Feelings should not come into play in opposing SOPA.  Principles should.

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Headlines From the Future

At the site Theo Spark, a sampling of UK HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR 2030.

My personal favorite.

Japan announces that they will no longer consume whale meat as whales are now extinct and the scientific research fleet are unemployed. UK Government has told the Japanese that grey squirrels taste like whale meat

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Kidney Transplant Eligibility is Not Based on Love

Scrolling through InstaPundit this morning I came upon a post which, in its entirety, reads as follows.  YOU LOVE YOUR KID? Too bad.

The words “Too bad” embed a link, which I clicked on, thinking that the government in some way, shape or form was interfering with a parent’s natural right to care for their child.  The embedded link takes readers to a post by Elizabeth Scalia titled You love your kid?  Too bad!, which opens this way.

It’s really too bad that you love your three-year old daughter who needs a kidney transplant, because you know what? We’re not giving her one because she’s retarded!:

I begin to shake. My whole body trembles and he begins to tell me how she will never be able to get on the waiting list because she is mentally retarded.

A bit of hope. I sit up and get excited.

“Oh, that’s ok! We plan on donating. If we aren’t a match, we come from a large family and someone will donate. We don’t want to be on the list. We will find our own donor.”

“Noooo. She—is—not—eligible –because—of—her—quality– of –life—Because—of—her—mental—delays” He says each word very slowly as if I am hard of hearing.’

He pauses as if he is choosing his words carefully. “I have been warned about you. About how involved you and your family are with Amelia.”

Ms. Scalia is so incensed by this news that she “kind of” wishes that the execrable Ted Kennedy were still alive, to pull strings for the young girl’s family.

Right now, I kind of wish Ted Kennedy were alive. Many don’t realize it, but a case like this was precisely the sort of circumstance under which he’d pull together his little Irish cabal of doctors and friends and get the thing done.

Which only proves to me that Ms. Scalia is not above utilizing favoritism to get her way, though I would wager Ms. Scalia would be against the type of favoritism allegedly shown to Beyonce and Jay-Z, at the expense of other new parents.

The young girl in question here, Amelia, is afflicted with what is known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, and based on this condition, Amelia is ineligible for a kidney transplant, and I can fully understand Amelia’s parents’ heartbreak upon learning of their child’s ineligibility for a kidney transplant, even if the kidney was being donated by a family member.

I can fully appreciate Amelia’s parents’ heartbreak, because for the last eight (8) years of my Father’s life he had to contend with failed kidneys and dialysis.  My Dad was interested in a kidney transplant, and he had eight (8) loving children who were all willing to undergo the rigors of donating a kidney to him in order to release him from the slavery of dialysis and the physical ups and downs needing contending with due to his body’s inability to remove toxins as the result of total kidney failure.

We loved our Dad dearly, but he too was ineligible for a kidney transplant due to other underlying medical issues, and so he did not receive a transplant, and he passed away in late 2007 still a dialysis patient.

If you consider the guidelines for the Assessment of the Potential Kidney Transplant Recipient, you’ll note that the guidelines mention nothing about love, and it is well that they do not, because almost all parents love their children, regardless of their physical or mental well-being, as deeply as Amelia’s parents love her.

Love, in all its various manifestations, is immeasurable, but kidney transplant eligibility is not based on love, it is based on cold, hard diagnostic facts.  A fact which can be exceptionally difficult to accept, because of the depth love within families which care deeply.

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Bill St. Clair posts a work around to the currently blacked out Wikipedia English page.  The work around is posted under the title unBlacking Wikipedia.

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Ode to a Photocopier

Brian Micklethwait has electronically penned an ode to his photocopier, noting its value in the spread of libertarian ideas, its limitations, and that said copier was a blogging tool prior to blogging.

Good little read.  My photocopier - 1981-2012

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