Monday, January 09, 2012

Another Rat Heeds the Call

Billy Beck’s recent post “Now Hear This”, quoting Mencken in regards to Barney Frank.

“When the water reaches the gunwales, follow the rats.”

Another rat, White House Chief of Staff William Daley, heeds the call.

Water just might be pouring over the gunwales.

Posted by John Venlet on 01/09 at 03:26 PM
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A Brief Exchange At Lowe’s

One of the errands needing completing today was a run to Lowe’s for some furnace filters and black oil sunflower seeds, for my backyard bird friends.  Well, except for the English sparrows.

As I stroll briskly and decidely into the store, attired in Winter gear and dark sunglasses, heading for the bird seed section, I pass a Lowe’s employee heading in the opposite direction, and he say’s to me “Good morning, how ya doin’ today,” as we pass.  I reply to him, as he continues on his way and me on mine, “Excellent, thank you very much sir, how ‘bout yourself?,” and I think nothing more of it and hear no other reply.

After grabbing a twenty pound bag of seed, I head back the way I came to briskly stroll to the furnace filter section of the store, which, naturally, is on the other side of the store.  As I purposefully stride that direction, here comes the individual who initially greeted me.  He puts his hand out to me, we firmly shake hands, and he says, “I knew you were a guy who would help someone out, and I can see by that bird seed in your hand that I was right.”

What could I say except “Thank you.”

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That Young Oklahoma Mom, Help Her Out If You Can

Most readers here, and elsewhere for that matter, are already aware of the story of the young Oklahoma mother who just lost her husband on Christmas day and then was forced to defend her young daughter and herself from an armed home invader by killing the armed invader, which I mentioned here.

Via Tam, via Rational Gun, who posts a few words regarding an individual criticizing a photo taken of the young Oklahoma woman shortly after her life altering encounter, I learn that a fund has been established to assist her drastically changed life.

If you’re able, lend a hand.  If unable, hold her in your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s where you can donate, if able.

Sarah D. McKinley Donation Account
C/O Chickasha Bank & Trust
P.O. BOX 1307
Chickasha, OK 73023
(405) 222-0550

Rational Gun has checked this out and states it’s legit.  I’ve gotta go and get a money order made out.

Posted by John Venlet on 01/09 at 11:12 AM
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Marketing Pink Princesses and Super Heroes

I’m going to be a Grandpa for the first time in the not too distant future, and it’s going to be a baby girl.  I’m certain this new little girl will get her fair share of pink stuff; though bless my daughter’s heart for attempting to limit this pink stuff avalanche from the git go; but this Grandpa will be buying her super heroes, especially after watching a short viddie that Karen De Coster has up of a little girl adroitly analyzing the marketing of pink princesses.  The viddie is posted under the heading A Child Says, “Marketing Tricks Us”.  The viddie runs 1:11.

My soon-to-be granddaughter will also get fly fishing gear and adventures from her Grandpa, firearm training, camping experiences, solid doses of self-reliance training, and a whole lotta love.

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Candlelight Violence Quote

DirtCrashr, from his post Light A Candle To Stop Violence.

Violence isn’t an existential abstract *thing* unto itself that floats around in the air like a cloud raining here and there and making some unfortunate people terribly unhappy.  It’s real and personal and committed by people with evil in their heart, not things.

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