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This News Has Gotta Make Dawkins’ and Harris’ Heads Spin

In today’s day and age many individuals would not believe, let alone think, that individuals would stand in line, overnight, to purchase a book unless it was something penned by J.K. Rowling.  Well, in Norway, individuals stood in line overnight to purchase a Bible.

The first Norwegian translation of the Bible for 30 years topped the country’s book charts almost every week between its publication in October and the end of the year, selling almost 80,000 copies so far and hugely exceeding expectations. Its launch in the autumn saw Harry Potter-style overnight queues, with bookshops selling out on the first day as Norwegians rushed to get their hands on the new edition.

That news has gotta make Dawkins’ and Harris’ heads spin.

Bible becomes 2011 bestseller in Norway

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You Don’t Need the State’s Permission to Protect Yourself

Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operators Say It’s Okay to Shoot

Though I appreciate the young lady’s apprehension and hesitancy to shoot a home invader; I really do not want to have to justifiably kill someone, but I will; you don’t need the State’s permission to protect yourself, your home, or your loved one’s when under an imminent threat of danger.  You must act.

I wish this young woman well as she contends with her thoughts of the happenings of this day.

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This Is Only A Drill

While at sea when I was serving in the U.S. submarine force we daily ran drills.  Daily drills could vary from fire in the battery compartment; bad, very bad; to reactor scrams.  These drills were meant to hone the crew’s reaction times in order to, hopefully, overcome potential threats to our overall safety, and they also enabled us to ferret out response problems associated with particular drills.  One drill we unfailing ran daily, sometimes more than once, was “Man Battlestations,” and though this daily battlestations drill did raise some grumbling within the crew; Judas Priest battlestations again!; the crew’s response to the call to battlestations became as fine tuned as a Patek Philippe watch.

Drilling in the military, throughout the world, is standard operating procedure, just as militaries throughout the world particpate in war games in order to evaluate their readiness to respond to threats of war.

Many civilian individuals, though, give no thought to drills, or situations, where their response time to a potential threatening situation could be the difference between surviving the threat or becoming simply a statistic.  In today’s political world these threats are quite varied, and while there is no way to cover all threat contingencies, if one is not at a minimum considering potential threat contingencies, they very well may simply be overcome by the threats and succumb to them, or, enmass throw themselves at the feet of some dictator wannabe peddling promises of safety in return for their absolute enslavement.

In a post titled A drill, Claire Wolfe shares various scenarios to consider in the event of a collapse of societal norms compiled by Jake MacGregor, which at least will get you thinking of how individuals should or could respond to a possible societal collapse.

Claire closes the post with this important note.

I also think everybody’s long-term plans in any SHTF situation are going to be turned topsy-turvy by the reality of unfolding events.

Claire’s closing admonition should be seriously considered, but this in no way means you shouldn’t consider the possible scenarios, nor defer attempting to be prepared as you can be, mentally, emotionally, or physically for possible SHTF situations.

Here are some additional resources to peruse.

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Anonymous - Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution

This is only a drill.

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