Monday, July 25, 2011

Words of Dictator Wannabes and the Masses’ Response

Dictator wannabes say.

The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform.

And the masses respond as follows.

Yes you can, yes you can.

Obama: ‘I need a dance partner’ on immigration reform

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Heads Up

In a post by Ian B. titled Fallout From The Norwegian Massacre, at Counting Cats in Zanzibar, Ian states the following.

Breivik has apparently deliberately dropped everybody to the right of Harriet Harman into the shit. He seems to have knowingly and deliberately done so. He has in effect ordered the authorities to target and clamp down on the Right. It is hard to think of anybody providing a better justification to them for a ruthless assault on right wingers…

Whatever his intentions, the whole game has changed. This man is the fulfillment of warnings by the ruling class- of rightwingextremism- that we used to laugh off as scaremongering. We cannot do that now. We are all now justifiable targets for the authorities…

The authorities will have carte blanche to round up any and all they so desire to. They will also have all the justification they need for wiping off the internet any website they consider a “hate” site. Breivik’s book, replete with incriminatory references to websites and bloggers, is all the evidence they need to demonstrate that freedom of speech kills. This may well be the very precise moment in history that the last hope of preserving some sort of free internet was extinguished. He has virtually ensured that groups like the English Defence League, Stop Islamisation Of Europe, etc, will be proscribed, and that from here on in anyone attempting to state fears about immigration, islamisation, etc, will be silenced with a simple riposte of, “you feel the same as Anders Breivik, do you?”

Ian’s comments echo what I stated in comments here, the other day, in response to the following.

Not confirmed yet, but I imagine it wasn’t any blondheaded Dutch Reformed kids.

After learning of Breivik’s blondeheaded blue eyedness and alleged political proclivities, my responses to the above comment were as follows.

Or blondheaded Dutch Christian Reformed kids, whom, at least when I was growing up in the Dutch CRC church, were considered more conservative than the Dutch Reformed kids.

And this.

I’m fairly certain that the DHS is eating that bit of information supplied by Jenny right up, especially when you considered this recent viddie (9:56).

I’m not certain the authorities will have “carte blanche” to round up conservative, right leaning individuals, utilizing the madness and barbarity of Breivik as their justifying argument for such actions, but I’m fairly certain the authorities, in collusion with the mainstream media, will make every attempt, legal or otherwise, to expand their powers in order to “protect and to serve.”

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I Don’t Twitter, But…


Via Borepatch.

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The Reality of Recent Events in Norway

Mark Steyn in a piece titled Islamophobia and Mass Murder.

This man Breivik may think he’s making history and bestriding the geopolitical currents and the clash of civilizations, but in the end he went and shot up his neighbors. Why let his self-aggrandizing bury the reality?

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