Friday, July 22, 2011

The Church Generates Unending Waves of Socialists

Back in 2004 I noted an essay titled Poverty as a Moral Values Issue and posted a link to it under the heading The Next Wave of Socialists Will Arise from Churches.

Though the heading for that 2004 post was correct, as I noted in 2009, history is proving that the Church has been generating unending waves of socialists.

The presidential election of 1932 was unquestionably about change. The people desired it. The candidates promised it. What was unknown was what that change would look like should the major candidate of the hour, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, actually win.

On Sept. 23, 1932, in a pre-election speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, one could catch a glimpse of just how different the America of the future would look from the America of the past should Roosevelt take over.

“The task of statesmanship has always been the redefining of these rights (life and liberty) in terms of a changing and growing social order,” Roosevelt said. “New conditions impose new requirements upon government and those who conduct government.”...

Immediately following Roosevelt’s speech in San Francisco, many theological journals and Christian denominations used the exact phrases of the soon-to-be president in their publications. Many discarded traditional interpretations of key Scripture texts to support a new political theology which mirrored Roosevelt’s revolutionary New Deal. The close connections were not noticed at first, but after the laws were passed, it clearly was seen that without the church, much of the legislation could not have passed Congress. The president designed the policies, the church applied the pressure and the nation inherited the consequences.

The Church needs to understand that God Is Not Interested in Economics, nor in legislating morality.

Above quote taken from a Patheos piece titled The Theology of Social Security.

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