Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day Miscellany

I woke up early this gorgeous Independence Day morning, the date happened to by July 4, 2011.  I turned my head and my eyes focused on the Lovely Melis’ pillow.  The pillow’s tag caught my eye, protruding from the pillow case, and the words Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law reminded me that the hard won and world changing United States of America independence; a uniquely American idea and innovation; celebrated as being initiated in 1776 was not quite as independent in 2011 as Americans often profess.  I forcefully tore the tag from the pillow, rousing Melis to the day.

After breakfasting, we attended the longest running Independence Day parade in the State of Michican, the Hollyhock Lane Parade, and though State of Michigan congressional and local politicians’ presence marred the parade, I enjoyed seeing my neighbors and friends marching, riding bikes, playing in the band and generally enjoying this early morning parade, not just by being spectators but by participating.  To those wishing me a happy fourth of July, I gentlely reminded them it was Independence Day.  Only one individual I reminded, a unicyclist I’d say was about my age, acknowledged my correction, with the words “Long live the republic” as he circled round to address me personally.

Most of us have various preconceived or conditioned thoughts about what Independence Day means, and though the day should be a celebratory day, there are facts about Independence Day we should not lose sight of which can sober the mere celebratory nature of this day.  Such as 10 Things You Might Not Know About America’s Independence, or the hard truth of how American independence was won.

The remainder of this day I’ll spend doing whatever I please, well, I should probably qualify that by acknowledging that if the Lovely Melis asks me do this or that, I’ll probably comply.

So Happy Independence Day, and, as Og advises, “Now go blow some shit up.”

Link thanks to Western Rifle Shooters Association, and Fred Lapides (SFW).

UPDATE:  From this past November.  Remember the Meme - The Real American Revolution

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