Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crushing Boston’s Tea Party Fame

Notice from the Boston Mayor’s Press Office.

Joint federal military training exercises will take place within and around the Boston area between July 26th and August 5th. Military personnel will conduct training exercises to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements. Helicopters will be used in some exercises.

The Boston Police Department is working with military personnel to coordinate training sites that will minimize negative impacts on our Boston citizens and their daily routines. Safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and the military personnel involved.  With that, training site locations are not open to the public and will be guarded by uniformed personnel to provide additional safety.

Via a post at Coordinated Illumination titled Creating a Standing Army in our Midst, to Dominate the Citizenry, via ZeroHedge which titles their post on this news Is It That Time Again? Military Conducting Training Exercises In And Around Boston.

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I’ve Got More Apples Than You Do of Thursday afternoon — the world’s largest technology company now has more cash on hand than the most powerful democracy on Earth has spending room.

Does this make Apple a hostile takeover target?

Via a Financial Post article titled U.S. balance now less than Apple cash.

Hattip to my son.

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Wallace Woods, Covington, Kentucky

So, I’m down here in Wallace Woods, an old neighborhood in Covington, Kentucky, where my daughter and newish son-in-law are residing currently.  Here’s a bit of history of the place, and a few photos.

Here’s a link to photos of some of the homes (they’re thumbnails) I passed by early this morning as the critter and I took a stroll.  Wonderful old structures with character to spare.

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What Retired Chemical Engineers Do

See here.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

DHS Job Opportunity - Staff Writer/Editor

Jennifer Abel has spotted an job opening available with the Department of Homeland Security, and is considering applying.  She first comments on the DHS job opportunity in a post titled “Our Services Touch Every US Citizen”, and then shares her resume cover letter in a post titled The Feral Genius Applies For A Government Job.


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Now Standard & Poors Gets Standards? - I Fear Not has an article up titled Fear of downgrade spreads around capital, which quotes this Politico article as follows.

[W]hat really haunts the administration is the very real prospect, stoked two weeks ago by Standard & Poor’s, that Barack Obama could go down in history as the president who presided over his country’s loss of its gold-plated, triple-A bond rating. (bold by ed.)

The piece adds this note regarding Standard & Poor’s David Beers, managing director of sovereign credit ratings, who some individuals believe wields an inordinate amount of clout.

David Beers, managing director of sovereign credit ratings at Standard & Poor’s, explains why a decision on a downgrade doesn’t hinge on the debt ceiling talks: “For us, the issue is not the debt limit — it’s the underlying fiscal dynamics. It’s not obvious to us that this political divide that is proving so difficult to bridge is going to be any more bridgeable three months from now or six months from now or a year from now.“

To which I say, why rely on Standard & Poor’s to provide an objective analysis of the credit rating of the United States, or any other sovereign nation for that matter?  Standard & Poor’s, just like Fitch Ratings, failed miserabaly when rating subprime mortgage risks, as is documented in a paper titled Role of the Credit Rating Agencies in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (pdf of 59 pgs) wherein one reads the following.

The deterioration of the housing market had been apparent for five months. Finally, Moody’s Investors Service, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poor’s reacted to the financial crisis “which involves more than $1.2 trillion of subprime mortgages originated in 2005 and 2006 alone” (Rosner, 2007, ¶ 1). As one investor asked during a mid-summer 2007 S&P conference call, “What is it that you know today that the markets didn’t know three months ago?” (Rosner, ¶ 1). [see pg. 14 - ed.]

And this.

The role of the credit rating agencies “was critical to the very existence of the subprime lending market” (Verschoor, 2007, ¶ 11). [see pg. 16 - ed.]

There is no doubt that the United States, and every single sovereign nation currently in existence, is overextended debt wise and at risk.  Even the most common man on the street knows this, and they’re not reading Standard & Poor’s rating reports to arrive at this conclusion.

UPDATE:  The common men on the street, Mick and Gerard discuss the banking crisis…, at the blog The View from Cullingworth, which I was turned onto by Daphne at Jaded Haven.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Two Piece Child’s Puzzle

New High: 46% Think Most in Congress Are Corrupt

Congressional members net worth up 3669 percent

Puzzle developer: Drudge.

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I’m Doing The Best That I Can

I close this sermon with these words: Avoid anger, recrimination, and personal attack. Those with whom you are angry are probably (taken by and large) at least as filled with or as empty of virtue as you. Moreover, they are the very ones you might wish later to welcome as your allies. Avoid panic and despair; be of good cheer. If you’re working in freedom’s vineyard to the best of your ability, the rest is in the hands of a higher authority anyway. If you can see no humor in what’s going on (and even at times in your own behavior) you’ll soon lose that sense of balance so important to effective and reasoned thought and action. Finally, take comfort in the thought that the cause of freedom can never be lost, precisely because it can never be won. Given man’s nature, freedom will always be in jeopardy and the only question that need concern each of us is if and how well we took our stand in its defence during that short period of time when we were potentially a part of that struggle.

- Can Capitalism Survive? Benjamin A. Rogge, page 300. Originally published in 1979 and republished by that splendid organisation, Liberty Fund

Obtained via Samizdata quote of the day, for Wednesday, July 27, 2011.  This quote should be considered every day.

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Star Lilies and Fountain

The Lovely Melis’ Star Lilies are looking particularly fetching this morning, their scent caresses the air lovingly, while the fountain softly gurgles.


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The Boy Who Cried War

Breivik’s attorney, Geir Lippestad, had this to say about his client.

“This whole case indicated that he is insane.”

He said his client believed that he was in a war and that he would be vindicated in 60 years’ time.

Breivik may indeed be insane, and most definitely is a psychotic murderer, but Breivik is not incorrect about being in a war.  War(s), of one type or another, is one of the State’s most favored state of affairs, and the State informs us of the “wars” they are engaged in constantly.

Quote obtained from this article.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On My Knees - Dying of Laughter Right at the Moment

In a small Texas town, (Mt. Vernon ) Drummond’s bar began construction on a new building to increase their business.. The local Baptist church started a campaign to block the bar from opening with petitions and prayers. Work progressed right up till the week before opening when lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The church folks were rather smug in their outlook after that, until the bar owner sued the church on the grounds that the church was ultimately responsible for the demise of his building, either through direct or indirect actions or means.

The church vehemently denied all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise in its reply to the court. As the case made its way into court, the judge looked over the paperwork. At the hearing he commented, “I don’t know how I’m going to decide this, but as it appears from the paperwork, we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that does not.”

Judas frickin’ priest, that’s funny.

Via Hit Shappenings via Lone Star Watchdog.

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American Tax Dollars At Work - Repairing Mosques and Buying Computers Overseas

Did you know that dollars forcibly taken from you, in the form of taxes, are being spent overseas, in places like Eygpt and Cyprus, to refurbish mosques, and in places like Mali and Tajikistan your money is being spent to purchase computers and provide internet service?

The State Department says the monies being spent, which run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, American dollars, are for “relationship building.”  I call the monies being spent, my money and your money, a debt I do not owe, nor desire to take on, and a slap in the face.

The full story is titled Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars (3:06 viddie) and was broadcast by in Atlanta, Georgia.

UPDATE:  I neglected to thank reader Steve for the heads up on this bit of government chicanery.  Thank you, Steve.

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Looking To The Language

Billy Beck, in a post titled The Corrosion Of The Modern Mind, looks to the language, in response to Breivik’s garbled “message” sending.  Billy ends his post with these words, clearly spoken.

To “send a message” is to announce one’s inability or unwillingness to address reality in conceptual terms, and I—for one—never do it.

Do you?

Read the entire piece.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Words of Dictator Wannabes and the Masses’ Response

Dictator wannabes say.

The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform.

And the masses respond as follows.

Yes you can, yes you can.

Obama: ‘I need a dance partner’ on immigration reform

Via Drudge.

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Heads Up

In a post by Ian B. titled Fallout From The Norwegian Massacre, at Counting Cats in Zanzibar, Ian states the following.

Breivik has apparently deliberately dropped everybody to the right of Harriet Harman into the shit. He seems to have knowingly and deliberately done so. He has in effect ordered the authorities to target and clamp down on the Right. It is hard to think of anybody providing a better justification to them for a ruthless assault on right wingers…

Whatever his intentions, the whole game has changed. This man is the fulfillment of warnings by the ruling class- of rightwingextremism- that we used to laugh off as scaremongering. We cannot do that now. We are all now justifiable targets for the authorities…

The authorities will have carte blanche to round up any and all they so desire to. They will also have all the justification they need for wiping off the internet any website they consider a “hate” site. Breivik’s book, replete with incriminatory references to websites and bloggers, is all the evidence they need to demonstrate that freedom of speech kills. This may well be the very precise moment in history that the last hope of preserving some sort of free internet was extinguished. He has virtually ensured that groups like the English Defence League, Stop Islamisation Of Europe, etc, will be proscribed, and that from here on in anyone attempting to state fears about immigration, islamisation, etc, will be silenced with a simple riposte of, “you feel the same as Anders Breivik, do you?”

Ian’s comments echo what I stated in comments here, the other day, in response to the following.

Not confirmed yet, but I imagine it wasn’t any blondheaded Dutch Reformed kids.

After learning of Breivik’s blondeheaded blue eyedness and alleged political proclivities, my responses to the above comment were as follows.

Or blondheaded Dutch Christian Reformed kids, whom, at least when I was growing up in the Dutch CRC church, were considered more conservative than the Dutch Reformed kids.

And this.

I’m fairly certain that the DHS is eating that bit of information supplied by Jenny right up, especially when you considered this recent viddie (9:56).

I’m not certain the authorities will have “carte blanche” to round up conservative, right leaning individuals, utilizing the madness and barbarity of Breivik as their justifying argument for such actions, but I’m fairly certain the authorities, in collusion with the mainstream media, will make every attempt, legal or otherwise, to expand their powers in order to “protect and to serve.”

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