Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will Israel Become A New World Oil Power?

To answer the question, which is the title to this post, maybe.

Israel the new petrol state? (YouTube video running 8:08)

Interview w/Harold Vinegar of Israel Energy Initiatives Ltd. (Fox Business News video running 3:04)

Both linked via Fred Lapides.

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A Deafening Silence on Jose Guerena and It’s Killing Us

Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds linked to a compilation of law professor blog rankings.  The rankings were compiled by tax professor Paul L. Canon, and they can be viewed here.

I thought it would be interesting, and informative, to see what, if anything, these top ranked law professor blogs, there are 35 ranked, had to say about the recent events involving Jose Guerena, as this type of home invasion event is becoming more common, and could happen in any American home, under the guise of legality.  Here are the results of my investigation, in the order of law professor blog rankings from number 1 to number 35.  The accompanying link will take you to each individual law professor blog’s search results for “Jose Guerena.”

1.  Althouse.  Silence.
2.  The Volokh Conspiracy.  Silence.
3.  Hugh Hewitt.  One (1) post, which no longer seems to be linkable.  In essence.  Silence.
4.  Legal Insurrection.  Silence.
5.  Leiter Reports: Philosophy.  Silence.
6.  TaxProf Blog.  Silence
7.  Patently-O.  Silence.
8.  Jack Bog’s Blog.  Silence.
9.  Sentencing Law & Policy.  Silence.
10. Concurring Opinions.  Silence.
11. PrawfsBlog.  Silence.
12. Leiter’s Law School Reports.  Silence.
13. Balkinization.  Silence.
14. The Faculty Lounger.  Silence.
15. Opinio Juris.  Silence.
16. The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.  Silence.
17. Truth on the Market.  Silence.
18. The Conglomerate.  Silence.
19. The Right Coast.  Silence.
20. Wills, Trusts & Est. Prof Blog.  Silence.
21. Constitutional Law Prof Blog.  Silence.
22. Immigration Prof Blog.  Silence.
23. Mirror of Justice (you’ll have to conduct this search yourself as results are not linkable).  Silence.
24. Workplace Prof Blog.  Silence.
25. Sports Law Blog.  Silence.
26. Religion Clause.  Silence.
27. Legal History Blog.  Silence.
28. White Collar Crime Blog.  Silence.
29. Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog.  Silence.
30. IntLawGrrls.  Silence.
31. Turtle Talk.  Silence.
32.  Silence.
33. Election Law Blog.  Silence.
34. Legal Profession Blog.
35. Legal Ethics Forum.  Silence.

So, here we have thirty-five (35) evidently influential law professor blogs, and not a one of them mentions the recent killing of Jose Guerena, or any of the aspects which have a bearing on the use of “law” as justification for Guerena’s killing.  To be fair, the subject matter may not be in some of the law professor blogs area of expertise, but almost all of the blogs above listed offer commentary on areas outside their realm of expertise upon occasion.  Silence.

At least Reynolds mentions Jose Guerena, expressing a measured disgust, but since Guerena’s killing has been ruled ‘reasonable and justified,’ not a peep.

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Classical and Operant Conditioning in a Headline

TSA “Security Exercise” Covers 3 States, 5000 Miles

As way of further explanation, classical and operant conditioning explained.

UPDATE: Modified post title.

UPDATE II:  Corrected title to post and explanatory link verbiage.

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269 Ruling 300 Million

Consider how dull our notion of self-government has become. Congress has capped the number of representatives in the House at 435, a majority of which is only 218 representatives. A majority in the Senate is 51. A majority of both Houses is a mere 269 people. This small number, with concurrence of the President, rules over 300 million people.

The above quote comes from an essay titled Decentralization for Freedom, penned by Dr. Donald W. Livingston, professor of philosophy at Emory University.

Dr. Livingston’s intellectual talent is currently focused on studying the moral, legal, and philosophical meaning of secession.  I think we should all join in this study.  Intensely.  Read his essay.

Linked via a post by Karen De Coster titled An Early Start on Secession.

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