Friday, November 12, 2010

Remember When Americans Could Get the Job Done?

Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days

Need I list the impediments put in place in America which preclude this happening, here, today?  Makes this advice, from a Donald Sensing post, rather worth considering.

So start buying stocks of Chinese and Indian companies, folks.

Time lapse viddie at link.

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18 Years, According to the State

The Lovely Melis and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary today.  I hesitate to note this as the day our love was made real, as this day’s importance is only made so by the alleged sanction of the State’s profane authority and an “official” looking piece of paper.

In reality, the Lovely Melis and I’s love was made real 20 years ago, when I told her I was going to make her my wife.  It wasn’t a proposal.  I will not say that the past 20 years together have been head in the clouds in love, as being committed to someone you love may entail periods of extreme dislike, which was superbly verbalized in The Trooper’s Girl post Getting Squirrely in these words.

Be wise. Know that a marriage is often just like a job - it requires work, respect for each other, kindness and politeness when you really want to throw a stapler at their head, as well as an ability to accept disappointment. Sometimes you won’t even like each other. And sometimes even the love you had at the start has to be sanded down and refinished, having tarnished over the years. Sometimes you will have to be the cheerleader, bringing low spirits up when you know that there is a reason for low spirits and you’d just as soon wallow in them, too. And if you happen to have that cheerleader outfit already? Hey, win-win, my friend…now, I wonder where he put those motor boots?...

My love for the Lovely Melis is well expressed in these words, which I wrote 6 years ago.

I will not state we are soul mates, because we are not.  I will not state that I need the lovely Melis, because I do not.  What I will state is that the lovely Melis is an individual whose company I thoroughly enjoy, whose appeal to my senses is still sharp, whose respect I continue to strive for, and whose beauty continues to blossom like a well cellared bottle of red wine.

Happy Anniversary, my Lovely Melis.

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Friday Quote of the Day

From a comment to Francis Porretto’s post titled Horsemen Part 2: A New Political Alignment, which I linked to yesterday.

...the professor thought that the Congressional Record was the world’s longest work of fiction;...

I think one could replace the word “fiction” with the word fantasy with no loss of veracity.

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