Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cap and Trade Thin Air

Via a Mark Steyn comment at The Corner, under the heading Too Non-Existent to Fail, we are pointed to an analysis of carbon trading written by Jeremy Warner of The Telegraph titled Here comes the next bubble – carbon trading.  From Warner’s piece.

And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one.

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More Equal Pig Demands Apology

Do you want to see the face of a more equal pig, a “public servant” who thinks his elevated status as a sheriff gives him the right to demand apologies from a college professor who utilizes his double dipping into the pockets of taxpayers for both his current salary of $129,634.00 a year, and his $85,000.00 a year retirement pay, as an example in a political science class of an over compensated state adminstrator?  If you do desire to see the face of this apology demanding more equal pig, take a gander Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin.  Here’s his story, and what follows is a short synopsis.

Associate Professor Michael Glass was conducting a discussion of what changes students would propose to the state budget to avoid the expected $2 billion shortfall. Some students suggested cutting the salaries of what they felt were overpayed state administrators.

The issue of state employees who “double dip” into state pension plans was raised during the class. Students asked Prof. Glass for a local example. At that point, Prof. Glass provided examples of several law enforcement officers, including Sheriff Larkin, who collects a Police and Fire Retirement System Pension as well as a government salary…

When a student commented that they would not know what to do with the roughly $210,000 Sheriff Larkin makes in annual compensation, Glass said, “In the case of the Sheriff, it’s not that much. He has [to pay] child support and alimonies.”

The comments were made at roughly 7:30PM, when Brooke Seidl, 26, a student and County Clerk, apparently informed Sheriff Larkin of Glass’s comments, via text message…

At around 9:20, a half hour before the class’s scheduled 9:50 end time, Sheriff Kevin C. Larkin, dressed in a trenchcoat, opened the door to Prof. Glass’s classroom. According to one student attending the class that night, Max Grindlinger, “[Larkin] said, ‘Michael, can I see you for a minute?”

According to Buckley, Grindlinger and another student, Diane Walker, Sheriff Larkin and Prof. Glass had a roughly three-minute conversation outside of MS 205. No one overheard the conversation. The two then reentered the classroom, Prof. Glass introduced Sheriff Larkin and apologized for “making disparaging comments” about the Sheriff.

“[He] gives an apology while Sheriff Larkin is standing no less than six inches from him,” said Grindlinger.

Both Buckley and Grindlinger report Sheriff Larkin as saying, “This isn’t over,” on his way out of the classroom. According to Buckley, Larkin’s aide, who was waiting outside the classroom, said as the classroom door was closing, “You’re a terrible teacher, you should get your facts from a book.”

More equal pig indeed.

Via The Quick and the Dead via a post titled The Brownshirt Sheriff of Mercer County, NJ.

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Don’t Refloat a Sinking Ship

A quote from a piece penned by Thomas L. Knapp, posted at the Center for a Stateless Society, titled Away from the Sinking Ship of State.

No re-flagging will ever turn a Ship of State into a Ship of Liberty. It’s time to follow the example of the rats just this far — jump ship! — and no farther. Once ashore, instead of joining the rats in the raising/re-floating/re-flagging project, we need to start building our own smaller, more agile, more seaworthy vessels: Boats of our own, without captains and without rats.

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A Simple Sunday Prayer Which Could Bear Being Uttered Daily

In the movie Sergeant York, there is a scene where York is sitting at the table with Mother York and his brother and sister preparing to eat dinner.  Mother York offers up a simple prayer, which, even if you’re not receptive to offering up prayers, could bear being at least a principle worth embracing.

Mother York begins her simple prayer asking for a blessing on the vittles about to be eaten, but it is the ending of Mother York’s prayer which I recommend to you.

”...And help us not to be beholden to anybody.”

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ObamaCare (DeathCare) Is Not Dead It is Simply in A Zombie State

Even though the majority of Americans are against the United States government intervening in the health care industry, Obama and the Democrats, acting as bokors, will not let the issue die.  Kill it, now!

Obama to spell out new healthcare plan

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Islamists - Why Do They Hate Us? - “An Investigatory Dead End”

Though the calls for attempting to understand, exactly, why the Islamists hate Westerners, and willingly express their hate via suicide bombings and the killing of innocent individuals have subsided to a certain degree since America’s 9/11 and Britain’s 7/7, if another terrorist event of the magnitude of 9/11 or 7/7 is successfully executed in the coming future, the call for understanding exactly why the Islamists hate Westerners would once again rise in crescendo.

In an attempt to shed some light on this, Johann Hari, penned a piece titled Meet the Ex-Jihadis.  The piece is date November 15, 2009, but this is the first time I have been aware of it, and it is worth a read.  The piece runs just over 8,100 words, so it will take a bit of time to read through.

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