Sunday, January 31, 2010

Americans are Fodder Too, and the TSA is Keeping Score

Yesterday, in noting the American individual who wandered into North Korea, allegedly to join the North Korean military so he would not be fodder for the American military, I asked Aren’t All North Korean Citizens Simply Fodder?

Though I’ve known that Americans are fodder, also, for many years, being fed on by the State, the TSA is being rather more blatant about what type of fodder Americans actually are considered as.

The Transportation Security Administration has launched an internal investigation into an air marshal field office in Florida where supervisors are alleged to have used a crew assignment board to ridicule and keep score on women, gays and minorities, sources told CNN.

The board, resembling the TV game show “Jeopardy,” includes categories such as “pickle smokers,” “our gang” and “creatures,” which sources said were names used by managers for gay men, African-Americans and lesbians.

Doesn’t that just make you feel special all over?

TSA probes bigotry – after CNN and a whistleblower point it out

Via Weird Universe.

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Alleged TARP Good News

While the average American on the street understands that the TARP Program is an abject failure, bailout cop Neil Baroksky, who also understands that TARP is a failure, states there is a silver lining to the failure.

There was at least one bit of good news from Barofsky’s latest report however. He acknowledged that while the ultimate cost will still be “substantial” for American taxpayers, it will be less than originally estimated.

Though the cost is substantial, it’s less substantial, is good news?  Americans are supposed to take comfort in this statement which has no actual meaning?

And what about the coming second wave of mortgage resets?

Bailout cop: TARP’s not working

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aren’t All North Korean Citizens Simply Fodder?

So, the American individual who was recently detained after wandering into North Korea, via China, is alleged to have stated the following to North Korean officials evaluating his detention.

It said an unidentified source in North Korea told the newspaper the 28-year-old man said he came to the country because he did not “want to become a cannon fodder in the capitalist military,” and “wants to serve in the North Korean military” instead.

Brilliant young man.  Just brilliant.

American Detained in North Korea Seeks Asylum

Via Jonah Goldberg.

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Global Banking Scheme

I know that when I hear the word scheme, it conjures the exact definition provided by Merriam-Webster.

3 : a plan or program of action; especially: a crafty or secret one

So I guess must respect the fact that Bob Diamond, Barclays PLC and CEO of Corporate and Investment Banking, and Wealth Management, in acknowledging that global bankers are now seemingly willing to paying some type of global banking fee, is indeed a scheme.

“I think every G20 country would like to have an insurance scheme that would help cover the cost of any future bank failure,”...“A co-ordinated global system is preferable to an unlevel playing field.”


Bankers in favour of paying global fee

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A More Green Rail Proposal

Rail projects are receiving a lot of attention, and stolen money.  Here’s some commentary and analysis on Tampa’s and Phoenix’s rail proposals.  Michigan and Indiana are also attempting to get their hands on some of these stolen monies, amongest other states, as rail fantasies are hot, hot, hot.

In response to these rail pitches, Jeffrey Quick offers A modest counterproposal to Gov. Strickland’s rail project

...…stagecoach service between Cleveland and Youngstown, running on Highway 422.

This counterproposal would be valid for any of the above mentioned rail project fantasies.

Some additional positives to Quick’s counterproposal.

Stagecoaches are green, much greener than locomotives. Horses run on renewable and Ohio-grown hay and oats. Coaches are primarily built of renewable wood…Local talent, local jobs…Economic development. Given that the trip will take about a day and a half, there will be need for hospitality services…Animal rescue.  Since it’s no longer legal to slaughter horses for food in the Land of the Free, there’s a problem with people abandoning horses. PETA can lobby the state government to put these horses to work instead of shooting them,...

Quick’s proposal also acknowledges the time factor complaint/justification involved in these rail proposals, and thoroughly smashes it.

The other objection will be time. Why should people spend a day and a half making a trip that they could make in an hour and a half? If you have to see somebody NOW, why aren’t you doing it on Skype?

Enjoyable Saturday morning read.

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“Child Porn” Sexting and Compound Stupidity

I recently commented on the subject of alleged child porn sexting, noting that when I was twelve or so I would’ve been under arrest if the prevailing winds of stupidity to which Americans are currently subjected had been in effect in the late 1960s and 1970s.  One of my posts on the subject, dealing with events in Pennsylvania, is titled Arrested for “Playing Doctor” in the 21st Century.  Another was titled Is Child Porn Hysteria Rising, Again?

I return to the subject this morning, after reading the following.

A pair of Indiana middle school students are the latest minors to face felony charges for allegedly “sexting” naked photos to each other. The students—a 13-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy—were charged in connection with an incident last week at Ben Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso. The students are each facing felony child exploitation and possession of child pornography charges, according to the below police report. The case against the minors began last week when the girl had her cell phone confiscated after it rang during class. Crying, she told a teacher that “a 6th grade boy had sent her a dirty picture and she was going to get into trouble.” A subsequent investigation determined that the boy had sent her a photo of his “exposed genitals” and that she had responded by texting him a shot of her “exposed body and breasts.” The girl, the report notes, showed the explicit photo of the boy to a friend of hers, a seventh grade student at a local Catholic school. After conferring with prosecutors, the juveniles were charged with the two felony counts.

If you go and read the actual Valparaiso Police Department arrest report for this case, which is linked courtesty of The Smoking Gun, you will be able to grasp the compound stupidity; operating on the same principle as compound interest; in action here, ie compound stupidity arises when stupidty is added to the initial stupidity, so that from that moment on, the stupidity that has been added also itself earns stupidty.

First, the do gooders who promulgated such a law, allowing it to be wielded against 12 year old kids, are stupid.  The teacher involved in turning the kids in compounds the stupidity, and the teacher’s stupidity is compounded by the principal of the school the kids are attending, whose stupidity is compounded by the Valparaiso Police Department until the amount of stupidity is so vast and all encompassing that reason is repelled as if by a force field of stupidity so powerful, individuals simply are benumbed and rendered stupid themselves.

How much more stupid will America become?

Via a post at Weird Universe titled How To Destroy The Lives Of Children.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

What Secrets Remain About the Holocaust?

A very indepth look, at Atlas Shrugs, into whether the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem was complicit in the Holocaust.  This story is tied to the recently found original Auschwitz blueprints.

The piece is titled Concealing the Truth about Auschwitz Blueprints and the Mufti: 62 Years Criminal Secrecy, State Dept Sits on Bombshell

The piece will take some time to read, but the implications, if accurate, are quite damning.

Via Ed Rasimus.  As Ed states,

This will take a few minutes for you to read, but then you will have a considerable issue to consider:

UPDATE:  Pamela Geller, at Atlas Shrugs, continues her investigation into the ex-Mufti’s of Jerusalem complicity into the Holocaust.  It can be read here.

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Small Business Financing Reality

Warren Meyer, as a small business owner, comments on “why Obama’s offer of small business financing is meaningless.”

Here is a very specific example.  We have an opportunity to invest about a half million dollars in a new operation in Texas.  Financing is available.  But in my evaluation spreadsheet, small changes in income tax rates combine with a potential 8% health care tax on wages and an unknown fuel tax increase to move the net present value by enormous amounts.  I am not going to risk a half million dollars on a 20-year investment when the government is considering so much legislation that will arbitrarily move the value of this investment.

Warren’s post is titled Economic Stimulus, though based on his analysis it could be titled “Economic Snare.”

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A Rotten Comparison - Redux

Yesterday, I criticized Obama for comparing America to China in his SOTU speech.  I titled my post A Rotten Comparison.

Today, I point you to post by Vitaliy Katsenelson, at his investment site Contrarian Edge.  Katsenelson’s post is titled Chinese Quest for Shortcut to Greatness.  The post outlines why America should not follow the path China has gone down, and I think the post firmly bolsters why Obama’s comparing what China does, as a model for America to follow, is a rotten comparison.  The opening paragraph from Katsenelson’s post.

The Chinese economy must be getting out of control, because the Chinese government is doing the unthinkable: It is desperately trying to put the brakes on the economy. When you pump a stimulus package that represents 14% of GDP through a fire hose into an economy, which was already on shaky bubble foundation, in a very short time you’ll have some serious unintended consequences — you’ll get super bubbles.

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Lessons of Auschwitz

An eloquent op-ed in the New York Times, written by Samuel Pisar, an Auschwitz survivor, titled Out of Auschwitz.  One sentence from Samuel Pisar’s piece.

The Holocaust, which destroyed a people, teaches us that nature, even in its cruelest moments, is benign in comparison with man when he loses his moral compass and his reason.

Read all of it.

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College Endowments - Deep is Their Pain

Forbes has an article online, titled College Endowments In Jeopardy, which provides some data on how much money various colleges and universities lost in 2009.  An estimated $93 billion dollars.

Interestingly enough, Curt, at Selling Waves, commented on just this subject, specifically Harvard’s endowment woes, in a post titled Deep In The Crimson.  I cannot say if Curt’s post was spurred by reading the Forbes article linked above, but I found his post entertaining.  The final paragraph.

Now I think I’m starting to see how they lost all that money. They have no idea where it came from or went to. They lose $10 billion through bad real estate investment and over-exposure in the stock market and they’re looking for it in the coffee carafes. Don’t be deceived by the physical resemblance of the faces on the money that you give to coked-up investment bankers and the money you give to the energy company. There’s really no relationship between them. Harvard is like an old woman who leaves her purse in a restaurant and, when she notices, starts poking the first teenager she sees with her umbrella, convinced he stole it.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rotten Comparison

I did not watch Obama’s SOTU speech last night.  Well, I did see the opening scenes as Obama entered the chamber, on FOX, as the lovely Melis clicked through from one channel to another, and what I saw and heard, in those brief moments, more resembled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade than an upcoming speech on the state of affairs within the United States of America.  I did read the text of Obama’s SOTU speech, though.

Much is being made of Supreme Court Justice Alito apparently mouthing the words ‘not true,’ in response to Obama’s criticizing the Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance decision.  Also, much is being made of Chris Matthews’ ridiculous statement “I forgot he was black tonight.”

What I want to address is the following from Obama’s SOTU speech, wherein Obama is speaking to economic expansion.

You see, Washington has been telling us to wait for decades, even as the problems have grown worse. Meanwhile, China is not waiting to revamp its economy. (bold by ed.)

I do not think a more rotten comparison can have been uttered.  China, a communist country, cannot hold a light to America, and any economic expansion occuring in that country, which is very likely unsustainable, is only being accomplished via the jack booted thugs holding the chains which yoke the Chinese people.

When a president of the United States of America begins comparing a communist country favorably, to America, you must come to the realization that such a president is not fit to be America’s leader.

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Will Obama Say Ford’s Profit is Excessive?

Will Obama say that Ford’s $2.7 billion dollar profit in 2009 is excessive, praise Ford’s profit as proof of America’s capitalist strengths, or remain silent?

Ford earns $2.7B in 2009, first profit in 4 years

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Is Obama America’s Brian Kwok?

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but as Obama’s ideological viewpoints become clearer and clearer to the American people, I cannot help but consider the correlations between Obama and the character Brian Kwok in James Clavell’s novel Noble House.

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Wallpaper, It’s the Bomb Proof

Here’s an interesting product, with video (01:57), marketed as bombproof wallpaper.

Bombproof wallpaper on the interior of your home, and camo vinyl siding on the exterior.

Bombproof wallpaper linked via Diana Hsieh.

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